Top European Destinations You Must Explore When Visiting Europe

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Europe in the future then there are so many amazing places to choose from. Whether you are looking to visit a stunning city filled with beautiful architecture and plenty of things to do, or you want to find somewhere tranquil and picturesque, Europe has everything you could need for a holiday of a lifetime. Here are just a few of the top European destinations you must explore when you visit Europe. 

1. Top European Destinations – Snowdonia (Wales)

The UK is renowned for the breathtaking countryside and there are plenty of stunning places to explore the great outdoors. If you enjoy walking and/or climbing then you could try Snowdonia in Wales, where you can climb the highest mountain in Wales and England. Standing at 1085 metres, Snowdon is a popular choice for hikers and climbers who enjoy a challenge. Snowdonia National Park offers many exciting walking trails with some of the most amazing scenery that you will find in Europe. If you’re looking for a healthy holiday with plenty of clean, fresh air then Wales should be high up on your list. You can stay in luxury lodges, quaint B&Bs or even try a caravan holiday.

2. Top European Destinations – Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva has a lot to offer, from skiing in the Alps and cable car rides over the snowy mountains, to a relaxing walk around the Geneva Lake to see the magnificent Jet D’eau fountain. The city of Geneva has excellent shops and restaurants, with the traditional fondue being a dish that you must try when in Switzerland. Geneva is popular with millionaires, due to being filled with powerful diplomats and successful businessmen. The location – nestling in the corner of the Alps, accompanied by the fact it reaches warm climates in the summer months also make Geneva a great travel destination.

3. Top European Destinations – Capri (Italy) 

Italy has a plethora of wonderful cities and towns, so a trip to explore as much of Italy as possible is a great holiday option. With popular cities such as Rome and Milan to visit and sunny beach holidays too, there is a great mix of different types of holiday experiences available in Italy. The island of Capri is a place of beauty, a small island not far from Naples that offers stunning views across the sea and nice Italian restaurants to try the best seafood, pizza and pasta you can imagine. The Grotto Azzurra is one of the top attractions, a cave filled with mesmerising blue water.

4. Top European Destinations – Barcelona

If you like a trip that involves the beach but also enables you to enjoy the bright lights and entertainment of a bustling city, then Barcelona is a perfect place for you to experience. The city centre is filled with bars and restaurants to sample delicious Tapas or another popular Spanish cuisine. It is also a short walk from the sandy beaches along the coast of Barcelona, making the destination a fairly unique proposition. It is also fantastic for those who love to do a bit of shopping or even those who appreciate historic building and beautiful architecture.

Barcelona is one of the most visited destinations in the world and is filled with cultural experiences and fun things to do. One minute you can be sunbathing on the sunny beach and the next you can be walking around Gothic buildings, taking in masterful architecture in Ciutat Vella. La Sagrada Familia is a famous example of Catalan architecture and it is an unfinished Gaudi building. Barcelona is also filled with art galleries that attract art fans from across the world each year.

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