Top 5 Must-See Places In Melbourne If You Love Architecture (Like We Do)

The city of Melbourne is multicultural. Aussies living in Melbourne like to socialise—the like eating out, doing outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, and networking with key people for business purposes. Lucky for these Aussies, the city can cater this culture and lifestyle. They have a lot of beaches, galleries, recreational centres, restaurants where people can spend time with. If you’re a tourist, you and your travel buddy will never run out of things to do here.

Staying for three or five days in Melbourne is enough to experience the place, food, history, and culture of the people. If you want, you can sneak in an architecture-related field trip in your itinerary. I rounded up five places with stunning exterior and interior designs in Melbourne which will feast your eyes:

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1. Federation Square

The 40,900-square-foot Federation Square is the home of structures which show an interesting use of materials, in a way that it challenges the human senses. One of the buildings situated here is Melbourne’s unofficial city square back in 2002. This edgy and unique structure seems spectacular but it’s dubbed as one of the ugliest buildings in the world.

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Despite the controversies this building has, the entire Federation Square remains as Melbourne’s most popular and visited landmark. This structure is so well-known, you can consider this as a meeting place with your new found friends. There are nearby shops, cafés, and restaurants which you can explore later on as well.

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Beside this building are several cultural attractions including the Ian Potter Center, a NGV Gallery that is dedicated to showing only Australian art and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Centre where they celebrate Aussie film, television and digital pieces. It’s free for everyone but you have to pay to see temporary exhibits.

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2. Collins Street

This mile-long street in Melbourne CBD has an obviously rich architectural history. You can observe it in the buildings, as well as in the shops, restaurants, and hotels.

For example, the Manchester Unity Building still possess its neo-gothic beauty since it was built in 1932. It was the tallest building back then and it was the first one to use escalators

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Meanwhile, there’s The Block Arcade which can take you back in time while shopping. It celebrates the French Renaissance style. It’s the perfect place to walk like a royalty. When you’re there, don’t miss an opportunity to taste Hopetoun Tea Rooms delectable goodies.

3. The Melbourne Museum

Museums are your go-to-place if you want to know more about the place you’re visiting. The Melbourne Museum is a three-storey modern structure which sits beside the Royal Exhibition Building (1880). It also has a colourful IMAX Cinema which holds the largest cinema screen in the city.

4. Cookie Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant knows how to use architecture and interior design to make a restaurant fun and attractive to millennial travellers. It has an industrial design enhanced by the murals on their wall and retro themed displays. You can definitely rest here when you’re a little tired of going around the city. Enjoy the bar’s good food and laid-back vibe.

5. Baker D. Chirico

Finally, this bakery will let you feed your eyes and your stomach. The decorative ceiling made from plywood flows continuously to the walls, creating shelves for the bread. The entire store smells heavenly and feels organic. Try their custard-filled bomboloni. If you buy bread that needs cutting, you’ll see the bakers cut the bread on the timber countertop,  as if it’s a huge chopping board for pastry.

You appreciate architecture and design in your travels even without knowing it. It happens wherever you go — when you gaze at old buildings, skyscrapers, restaurant decor, and even with the interior design of your apartment or hotel room. Enjoy it as much as you can. If you find yourself in travelling in Melbourne, know that this city’s architecture can tell you the reasons why it’s one of the most livable cities in the world.

About The Guest Blogger:

Charlene Ara Gonzales is a design writer of Superdraft Pty. Ltd.’s team of architects in Melbourne. If she’s not busy with work, she’s probably outside, looking for some inspiration.

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