Top 3 Unique Travel Destinations To Visit In Portugal

The first thought that may enter a holiday-makers head about Portugal, with its balmy summer and endless stretches of sand, is that it is simply a place to find a nice resort and chill out with a good book. Package holidays to Portugal are full of pleasant surprises and while there, you’ll experience beautiful beaches that are filled with chic boutiques and swanky bars. The country is as diverse and exciting as the many bars you can find in Lagos. Here are just three of the wonderful places that you are advised not to miss during your stay.

1. The Algarve

The Algarve is the place to go if you are young, full of energy and ready to party. It has a great selection of breathtaking beaches and wild party venues.

Don’t take the Algarve at face value, however. Nestled around the cliff-lined coastline you can find numerous towns and quaint villages, all with their own character and history. From the medieval quarter of Faro, to Tavira which dates back to Roman times; check out the Algarve off peak, in Autumn preferably, to really find out what treasures this tourist hotspot is hiding.

2. Madeira

This ancient archipelago is an idyllic location for a holidaymaker who wants to stop and take some time out to truly de-stress. Whether it’s getting in a round of golf or two, bobbing along the canal with a cocktail in hand or soaking up the flora of the famous botanical garden, reached by the cable car; a stay in the Old Centre of Funchal is a doorway to a holiday of blissful repose.

3. Porto Santo

Originally a vineyard and once the home of Christopher Columbus, this tiny island off the coast of Madeira has been affectionately labelled Madeira’s little sister by the Telegraph. It is, at present, largely isolated, with just one or two inhabited areas, so it would probably be a good idea to get over and cherish a little piece of pure solitude quickly, before it is discovered and developed on.

A awe-inspiring, natural haven with the perfect climate. Once you have discovered the secrets of this popular tourist destination, it will be hard not to get hooked on the place permanently.

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  1. I’ve never been to Portugal before – but it looks very pretty! How does it differ from it’s neighbour, Spain?


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