Top 16 Travel Destinations To Visit In Asia

Being the largest and most densely populated continent on the globe, Asia consists of 49 countries and is known for its rich culture and diversity. With so many places, states and countries to choose from, holiday makers enjoy numerable travel options within the continent. Compiled based on reviews and opinions from millions of travellers, Retire In Asia published this infographic which showcased the Top 16 Travel Destinations To Visit In Asia.

Bangkok ranks top in Asia and is famous for attractions like Grand Palace, Floating market and Buddhist temples. Tokyo is another hot favourite for Yoyogi Park, Venus Fort and Asahi Beer Hall. Beijing is third with its rich historical and cultural offerings. The rest of the travel destinations include our very own Singapore, Shanghai, Kyoto, New Delhi, Ubud, Seoul, Taipei, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Male and Siem Reap.

So which is your personal favourite? Share with us in the comments section below.

Top 16 Destinations To Travel In Asia - AspirantSG

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