Top 10 Travel Mobile Apps for Tourists and Backpackers

Traveling and backpacking is really an “in” thing today. Apparently, trekking and traveling have been pretty good ways to, well, literally escape from work or school or even problems and daily traffic jams. Any of the two could be a manner of unloading one’s self of all the junks and stresses and headaches of today’s busy world.

However, although you want to take a rest and enjoy the blessings of nature, you must admit that you could never leave and actually live without your smartphones and/or tablets. After all, these gadgets can always come in handy just when you need a rescue or a patch up with your urban wants and needs. Below are just some of the applications which can certainly help you in times of backpacking blues and traveling troubles.

1. GasBuddy

Not everyone does travel on foot. And if ever you do, you will still be needing to ride a bus or hitchhike along the way. Gas buddy could be of great help if ever that gas meter chugs to almost empty. With this application, you could easily locate the nearest gas station!

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a downloadable guide to some of the country’s and city’s top destinations. May it be for lodging, restaurants, or travel destinations, this app could definitely take you to places, literally! Here, you can easily view other travelers’ reviews and rankings regarding a certain establishment or attraction. With this, you can plan your itinerary a lot easier than ever!

3. Yelp

With the Yelp app, you can take a bite of what the place has to offer. Yelp can help you find the best restaurants or food shops in a particular place, depending on your chosen dish or menu. Any meal or food type or delicacy, just name it and this app will surely know where to find it!

4. TripIt

TripIt is a one of a kind app which can get most of your travel needs and itineraries handy all in one go. You can get your plane ticket, coupons, discounts, hotel address, and other important documents and stuff all together there. You now go completely paperless or at least paper-less on your trips. It’s very easy to use and also very easy to share even to your loved ones and travel buddies.

5. Google Translate

This is definitely the one of the most common, yet indeed one of the most important of all. Truly very handy when you’re traveling on a non-English speaking country. With this app, you can easily translate foreign languages into something understandable for you. With over 63 languages on its system, you will never have a hard time translating stuff for the sake of better communication with the locals. You can also listen to the correct pronunciation of the words or phrases so you will never get into that mess of being misconstrued.

6. XE Currency

Thinking about checking the most up to date currency of a certain country? You don’t really need a lot of research and connections to do this. The XE Currency app can definitely keep you up to date with the world’s exchange rate. You can track up to 10 currencies at a time and even personalize your update settings on which countries or currencies would you like to track the most and how often do you want to get updates.

7. Panoramio

Panoramio is an app for trekkers and travelers who love to take pictures of sceneries and works of nature. With this application, you can easily find the most photographed places near you or even on a certain location or country. The beautiful and famous sunsets, the splendor skylines, the great monuments, and all the other “photogenic” spots Panoramio can readily pinpoint to you. By using Panoramio, you can easily find sample photos and even track the exact location where the photographer was standing when he or she took the photo..

Indeed a handy app to keep such travel memoirs.

8. Wi-fi Finder

The name pretty much gives this app away. This app helps you spot the nearest wi-fi area. Wi-fi Finder simply uses the GPS feature in your smartphone in order to track the nearest wireless frequency zone. You can also customize the search by simply adjusting the filter options to whether free or paid, or by service provider. Aside from that, you can pre-download these locations so the settings will automatically be set on your phone.

9. Evernote

If you’re irritated with traveling along a huge pile of papers or stuffed travel journals, Evernote is the best app for you. With this installed on your smartphone, you can readily write down your travel itineraries, journals, your best essay regarding nature or travel, to-do lists, new-found-friend’s phone number and address, budget listings, “contemplative” scribbles, and a lot more.

10. Wikitude

Last but definitely not the least, Wikitude. This app has been recognized as one of the best Augmented Reality browsers by Augmented Planet and CNN. With Wikitude, all you need to do is view your location using your smartphone’s camera (no need to take a photo of the scenery) and pieces of really useful and relevant information will instantly appear. It may also hover through other relevant locations nearby.

The pieces of information this app is showing comes from Wikipedia and reviews from TripAdvisor and Yelp (both mentioned above). Aside from that, it also gathers details from photos and tweets of your followings and friends’ social media accounts. With this app, you won’t be needing a tour guide!

These travel apps are available on both Android and iOS. They will all certainly come in handy and will help you enjoy your trips better than ever. 

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