Top 10 Must Do Things On Vacation In Bora Bora

Within impressive vastness of Pacific Ocean, just short flight away from Tahiti, there’s a true natural miracle, Bora Bora Island. As a part of Society Islands archipelago, Bora Bora is bordered with turquoise lagoon and amazing coral reefs, with stunning extinct volcano peaks rising in the middle of it. Artistically shaped beaches strew with sparkling white sand meet crystal clear waters and create incomparable breathtaking scenery which ranks this island into world’s greatest romantic oasis. If you add picturesque palm trees’ fields and rich and colorful sea life which decorates astonishing underwater spaces, than you’ll realize Bora Bora is true heaven on the Earth. This is not all –Bora Bora offers splendid activities which will stick into your memory for life.

1. Stay In An Overwater Bungalow

Once you step into Bora Bora’s romantic kingdom, you’ll boost your impressions by spending a time within magnificent bungalows placed right above the glittering emerald lagoon. With only blue sunny sky and translucent water in between, overwater bungalows offer unrepeatable comfort, luxury and pleasure since none of them has less than 3 stars.

2. Eat Like The Locals

Along with lot of satisfactions Bora Bora brings to its visitors, authentic local cuisine, exotic ingredients and fabulous restaurants just can’t be missed. While you can be served with delicious meals within the privacy of your own resort, centrally placed restaurants also provide deluxe treatment. Exotic seafood dishes, specially prepared feasts called hima’a, red tuna in lemon-coconut sauce are traditional specialties you must try.

3. Have A Wedding in Bora Bora

If you’ve always dreamed about romantic wedding ceremony within amazing tropical environment, Bora Bora is place for you. There are a lot of amazing Bora Bora wedding packages, and they seem like perfect solution for future spouses, so you can choose dreamy bungalow resorts, tucked private island venues or even intimate wedding atmosphere within the fascinating beaches.

4. Try The Local Dance

Coming to Bora Bora is an ideal opportunity to discover seductive energy of Polynesian dance. This cheerful dance, characterized with rapid hip movements in the rhythm of fast drums’ beats, commonly known as “otea” will shake up your body and soul. Various dance schools provide interesting courses where you can get excellent trainings and directions on how to master all the sensual moves.

5. Go Surfing

For surfing lovers, this island provides several sea spots which are convenient for decent waves riding. If you seek for top experience, north coast is rich in large waves on open sea or around the reefs. Bear in mind that it’s best to surf during the winter since the breaks are greatest at that time. The most popular surfing locations are Paea, Taapuna pass and Papara.

6. Go Snorkeling

Thanks to see-trough lagoons and tremendous fish life hidden inside them, snorkeling on Bora Bora is just unforgettable. Once you dive into the sea vastness, you’ll discover the true explosion of colorful corals, exotic fishes and rainbow colored environment which will blow you away.

7. Visit The Museums

You may think about Bora Bora only as a perfect place for beach relaxations and exotic ventures, but this island actually offers a lot of precious historical locations and museums. Don’t miss a chance to walk through The Robert Wan Pearl Museum, where you can meet unique history of pearls with an accent to beautiful Tahitian pearl. For art admirers Japanese-styled Paul Gauguin Museum is a great hit.

8. Visit The Surrounding Islands

While on Bora Bora, use an opportunity to jump to nearby Tahiti, Huashine, Marquesas or other of 100 fascinating islands within French Polynesia. Special domestic flying company has regular flights to almost any of surrounding islands, providing you with instant archipelago tour.

9. Kayak Drive Through Lagoon

You can explore lagoon secret places by kayak and spot hidden caves and reefs. Although kayaks are ideal option for reaching inapproachable spaces, they can be used as regular around-island cruising.

10. Try Flight Seeing

Afford yourself a chance to meet island beauties from the bird’s perspective by having short flights where you’ll get the feel of landscape diversity and colorful natural wealth. If you’re adventurous, consider taking real flying lessons.

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