The Chefs from MasterChef Australia Reality TV Show

Based off on the original British show, Franc Roddam also created the MasterChef Australia in 2009. However, MasterChef Australia’s format is different in that several Australian hopeful cooks auditioned by cooking and presenting a dish to the main three judges. In the first season, contestants were cut from 50 to 20 progressing onto the TV show, while in later seasons, they took 24 hopeful cooks. By season two, its popularity had heightened so much that it even won for the “Most Popular Reality Program,” at the 2010 Logie Awards.

Restaurant owners and executive chefs George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan, as well as food journalist Matt Preston present and judge the cooking show. The winning chef receives $250,000, professional chef training, and the opportunity to have their own cookbook published.

Format of MasterChef Australia

The show airs daily from Sunday to Friday nights, and depending on the day may last from 30 minutes up to two hours. On Sundays, the contestants face different challenges from cooking with different mystery box ingredients to having to adapt to one theme with one core ingredient. The judges will deem the top three contestants and the bottom three, who will battle for elimination on Monday’s episode. During Monday’s episode, those three are supposed to transform the same recipe in an allotted time, and the judges vote on who to eliminate.

On Tuesday, the winner of Sunday’s challenge competes in fun challenge, known as the Immunity challenge, where he competes against a guest chef or home cook. The judges pick a dish for them to both make and the contestant may get an advantage. When tasting, the judges are not aware whose dish is whose, but if the contestant wins, he’ll receive immunity in a future elimination.

On Wednesday, the contestants are divided into teams and completing different tasks, such as preparing a three-course meal or catering an event for a party or a wedding. The judges then analyzed the completed task, which may include guest votes, who earned the most, or their own opinions. The winning team receives a reward while the losing team heads to Thursday’s elimination challenge. The worst two players from the team compete in a similar challenge as Monday’s elimination challenge.

On Friday, the judges run a MastersClass, where they show different techniques and even demonstrate other possibilities you could’ve made out of the mystery box or core ingredients.


The series began at only about 1.4 million viewers but had around 4 million viewers by the season 1 finale. The series became so popular that not only is it in its 6th season, but it has spawned four spin-off series, including Celebrity MasterChef, MasterChef Australia All-Stars, and MasterChef Australia: The Professionals, where professional chefs compete instead of amateur chefs. Judge George Calombaris has tasted hundreds of dishes and appreciates creativity with the classics like stuffing chicken with apples and serving with a carrot puree and salad or pairing squid ink and parmesan crumbs over herb and garlic snails.

Would you like one of these chefs to cook for an event for you? As mentioned, they’ve been trained in cooking three-course meals as well as catering large events. While many of them strive to be head chef in restaurants, others want to cook and manage different wedding reception venues Brisbane wide and other parts of Australia. Therefore, they could cook up almost anything for you from simple traditional dishes to exotic choices.

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