Start Teaching Kids English Language At Home Effectively

Many parents, from the very beginning, start teaching English to their kids at home. But the questions is whether they are doing it in a right way or not. The art of speaking is acquired naturally, attributed to the course of human evolution. We can apply the same principle to teaching English. Institutions like Helen Doron English have successfully combined this gift of evolution and the method of repetitive learning along with positive reinforcement in their English lessons for children. They are here to share some of the best ways through which you can build a foundation for your children, at your home, to grasp the art of speaking perfect English.  

Maintaining a Proper Routine

First and foremost, you need to develop a proper routine as everything which is done in a haphazard way tends to give negative results. So set fixed timings for the sessions and make the sessions short. Long sessions often turn out to be boring and even scientific studies have concluded that concentration is at its best levels only for the first fifteen minutes of any session.

You can set same timings for a particular activity, which is related to teaching your kids English so that your child is comfortable enough as he/ she knows what is coming for him/ her in that part of the day. 

Repetition is Important

Here is the catch! Repetition is very important if you want your child to master the art of speaking English. You might feel that your child will get bored if you repeat the same sentences or phrases but repetitive learning will make your child ready to use the same words or phrases in their daily routine. You can rotate the resources to prevent your child getting bored. You can use games, storybooks, audios and even everyday situations.

  • Playing Games: Games such as flashcards, word building using tools, board games and even certain dedicated online games are a fun way to learn. Also, children tend to learn in a much better way when you combine fun with learning.
  • Storybooks: When your child is going to sleep reading a story to them in English is a very good way to help them slowly acquire the art of speaking English as they will get used to various sounds as well as the flow of English. Moreover, you can use storybooks with colourful pictures which will help a child’s interest to grow more as he/ she will get naturally attracted to the pictures.
  • Multimedia: Many DVDs and CDs come with animated movies which are especially dedicated to teaching English. These along with speaking; will help develop your child’s listening skills as well and the ability to understand the language. You can even use English songs to help your child learn new words and better his/ her pronunciation.
  • Everyday situations: You can use objects in your home to make your child practice the language in a natural way. For example, you can talk about clothes, toys, and even food.


Most of all, it is important that you give your kid time and get him/ her used to English words and phrases by using them repetitively. You will yourself find that slowly your child will start trying to speak English and gradually improve the art of speaking the language.

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