10 Swoon-Worthy Gifts For St. Valentine’s Day

Everyone loves a bit of romance now and then, don’t they? We believe that we shouldn’t need a special day to search for nice ways to express how much we love our partners and how important they are in our lives. You could do it every day, or every week. A little post-it note with some cute and tender words before you go to work will do the job. Here are 10 Swoon-Worthy gifts ideas for St. Valentine’s Day!

Ideas for Romantic Valentines Day Gift

Nevertheless, there is a tradition of doing something wonderful on Valentine’s Day. It’s funny, but it seems like this date comes with already prescribed gift ideas – dinner in a luxurious restaurant, fancy chocolates, beautiful love letter, etc.

But, what if you want to another kind of romantic valentines day gift?  Maybe something that’s not so ordinary?

You will see, now, our suggestions for, in our opinion, exceptional and unique romantic gifts. Of course, these can serve only as an idea, and you can think of your own.

But before we get to that, we want to suggest also making an incredible dinner as part of the surprise. If you decide to do it, you might be interested in getting best charcoal grills for making it interesting and yummy.

Plan a Trip

Chocolates, flowers, dinner – all that is super nice and thoughtful. But, you know what could be even better romantic valentines gift? Imagine enjoying just being together  – without the kids, pets, all the work stuff, and so on. It can be a weekend on the coast or a mountain cabin if you cannot take days off from work.  Do it and you will see that this is one of the most romantic gift ideas wife will enjoy.

Breakfast in Bed

They call it Valentine’s Day, not Valentine’s evening, right? Well, why not make the entire day of romance then? Start by making the most beautiful breakfast your partner has ever imagined.  There are so many ideas like heart-shaped waffles, or eggs, peeled grapes … It’s a long list, and to get inspired, you can check out this article here.

Why I Love You Booklet

Personalized romantic valentines gift is better than anything. Surely, you can go to the shop and buy jewelry, or pay for dinner in a restaurant. But everyone can do this. Show your partner how much you love her or him by writing all the reasons why they are relevant to you and watch them swoon.  In our opinion, this is one of the best DIY romantic gift ideas one can think of.

Dinner under the Stars

This is, of course, only possible if you are living in an area with a warmer climate.  Find a perfect spot where the sky is really clear so you can enjoy the stars.  Set up the romantic dinner table for two. Organize nice music.

Recreate the First Date

It can be a super fun romantic gift for boyfriend to recreate your first date, especially if you have been together for some time.  You will both enjoy this lovey-dovey blast from the past.

Attend a Class Together

Whether its yoga, cooking, pottery, carpentry, or something else, it is fantastic when it’s done in two.  Having fun while learning new skills can be one of the extraordinary romantic gifts ideas for her. If you realize that you liked the class, you can turn it into a weekly date night.

Go to a Concert

One lovely romantic valentines gift is to surprise your partner with tickets for a concert of her or his favorite musician/ band. If the show is out of town, book a room in a hotel with a spa included staying overnight.  You can enjoy the next day exploring the area.

Make a Gift Basket

If men decide to make a gift basket, a romantic valentines gift for their girlfriends, they usually put fancy chocolates, candy, flowers, a bottle of high-end wine, and a teddy bear.  But what can you do if you want to make a romantic gift basket for him?  We suggest you make a selection of his most favorite beer brands, put some nuts, like pistachios, cashew nuts, or similar. If your boyfriend likes cigars, you can add a Cuban.

Romantic Movie Night

Do you remember the first romantic movie that you watched together? You can create a private romantic movie theater in your backyard or living room if it is cold and enjoy watching it again.

 A Bathtub Date

Can you think of one thing that beats breakfast in bed? We can help you; it’s candlelit evening in the bath. And what makes it even more perfect is to get a bathtub caddy tray and fill it with snacks, candy, and wine.


We hope that we managed to inspire you with our list of ideas for a romantic valentines gift.  We feel it is essential to point out that being thoughtful doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune of buying expensive gifts. That’s why we focused here more on the things that you can do without breaking the buck. How do you plan to surprise your loved ones this Valentine’s Day?

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