The World’s Best Locations For Open-Sea Swimming With Whale Sharks

Whale sharks, while one of the world’s most intimidating creatures in size and appearance are actually quite docile creatures. These massive fish are known primarily for their size but are incredibly interesting creatures for many other reasons, one of which being that they tend to mingle well with divers hoping to see the beautiful creatures up close. Open-sea divers are used to taking risks and being around animals who might not immediately show a happy face, but the whale shark is often happy to share its waters with humans. Diving with these gentle giants is a dream many have, here are some of the world’s best locations for open-sea swimming with whale sharks. 

1. Swimming With Whale Sharks – The Maldives

The Maldives is highly populated by whale sharks for a large portion of the year, rather than simply on a seasonal basis. The Republic of Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean. Many divers enjoy the coral islands for experiencing beautiful sea life year-round. In addition to whale sharks, these coral islands boast a wide variety of natural aquatic life including manta rays, dolphins, and turtles. These creatures find sanctity in the tropical waters. Thrill-seeking divers and snorkelers have found that this area south of Ari Atoll is a place where these large, filter-feeding sharks called whale sharks dwell. The whale sharks in this area are relatively small for their kind, but still humungous creatures nonetheless.

2. Swimming With Whale Sharks – The Ningaloo Reef

The Ningaloo Reef, another home to these gentle and placid creatures, is an area well accustomed to helping divers and snorkelers to have the adventure they set out for. Whale shark tours of this reef located in beautiful Australia enable these individuals to catch a glimpse of these wild animals up close, while professionals ensure that the sharks aren’t disturbed or harmed by the human interaction. Advanced aquatic skills aren’t necessary to be able to enjoy these sharks up close. If you can swim, you can swim with whale sharks. It’s that simple. The beautiful Ningaloo Reef is known by many to be one of the most gorgeous locations to enjoy a whale shark siting.

Marine biologists and other experts flock to this area to study and observe the creatures in their natural habitat. These experts are often available to assist with tours and to inform visiting divers so that they are able to get more out of the experience than simply a picture. The experience of seeing and existing alongside these magnificent beings while also learning about their habits and lifestyles is an experience that is not only wildly exciting but also informative. Whether you are an expert or a newcomer, any diver is sure to enjoy every bit of this incredible experience. The Ningaloo Reef is the perfect location to see and learn about whale sharks in their natural habitat.

3. Swimming With Whale Sharks – Donsol Bay

Located on one of over seven thousand five hundred islands the Philippines, Donsol Bay offers whale shark encounters from the month of December through the month of May. This wide window of opportunity is what draws many to this area in hopes of spotting one of the gentle giants. April is the best month to visit to guarantee a sighting, and open-sea snorkelling is the recommended mode of experiencing these creatures. Nearby areas in the Philippines also offer new and exciting open-sea diving experiences with these whale sharks. Being able to watch these creatures feed, or experience them as they swim in the water, mere feet from where you are swimming is an adventure many individuals can only dream of. Those who are lucky enough to see these massive, docile animals up close are sure to cherish those exciting moments for the rest of their lives.

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