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This festive season saw 11 Singapore bloggers coming together for a festive video to all their friends and followers. Other than the usual season greetings, the video also hopes to generate greater public awareness for bloggers’ craft and garner public support for the trade through online endorsement for the #SupportSGBloggers cause.

#supportsgbloggers Christmas 2013

The image of bloggers has suffered due to recent controversies on bloggers demanding freebies from merchants such as restaurants or salons, etc. The job as a blogger has always been a difficult and thankless one. To bring the softer, up-to-date and important news to the general public, it demands time, effort, passion and determination to curate & perfect the content.

Through the video ‘We are Bloggers’ below, we hope to encourage Singaporeans to say ‘YES’ to the work of bloggers and to recognize the value of blogs and microsites in helping them make their day-to-day important decisions.

Hong Peng, a blogger who blogs at Hpility, and a director for the publicity video ‘We are Bloggers’ opined ‘This is a very timely and meaningful movement to get Singaporeans’ support on our craft. I have been blogging since 2007 and I take pride in attending events and launches, and bringing up-to-date information to all my readers. I see my job as an important one as it affects my readers’ decisions in all areas of their lives. I blog to see things differently and I hope Singaporeans can see the hard work we put in as bloggers’.

I personally feel that participating in this video has allowed like-minded bloggers to come together for a common goal, and simply, to share our joy and love for blogging, as this unique craft has been widely misunderstood. All of us have a deep passion and mission for blogging and we ensure our blog entries are professional. We hope Singaporeans can come forward to show us their support in this regard.

Give Singapore Bloggers Your Heartfelt Endorsement

Help support our initiative by:

1)  Sharing ‘We Are Bloggers’ video on Facebook and Social networks.

2)  HashTag #SupportSGBloggers on Twitter and Instagram.

3) Visit and give us your support at


The campaign, which has a target of 1000 signatures, ends 31st January 2014.

Your support will provide all fellow bloggers a dose of confidence in allowing them to better their craft and artistry of blogging in the near future.

The Key Takeaways

We hope to share the following messages:

1) Bloggers love their craft

2) Bloggers want to be treated professionally

3) Bloggers keep up to the latest trends and happenings

4) Bloggers help customers by spreading meaningful word of mouth

5) Bloggers allocate time in between busy schedules to attend launches and events.

6) Bloggers take pride in their work

7) Bloggers just love to blog

8) Bloggers don’t demand for freebies

9) Bloggers ensure their blog entries are professional

Participating Bloggers

Bloggers featured in the video ‘We are Bloggers’

1) Joey Ong:  www.iisjong.com

2) Siti Nurul Hudah: www.sitinurulhudah.wordpress.com

3) Samantha Chan: www.dressingmissluxe.blogspot.com

4) William Tan: www.onlywilliam.blogspot.com

5) Kenny Tang: www.boyz86-simplicity.blogspot.com

6) Tiffany Yong: www.tiffanyyong.com

7) Zoe: www.mypeaceofheaven.com

8) Yeo Hong Peng: www.hpility.blogspot.com

9) Natalie Ong: www.natalieoyq.blogspot.com

10) Jing Ru: www.loves-jing.blogspot.com

11) Wee Heng: www.aspirantsg.com

This initiative is spearheaded by The Influencer Network, the fastest Influencer PR Agency in Singapore.

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