How To Throw a Personalised Summer Themed Birthday Party

Birthdays are probably the most anticipated occasions by everyone, regardless of age. This is why it is very important that you create a smooth coordination and a receive a perfect execution of your plan. After years of using up many of your creative ideas, you may find yourself searching for a new and unique birthday party idea. So, now that the summer is here to coat you in its warmth, you may go for a summer themed personalized birthday party. To help you with further planning, we have curated some step by step methods for the perfect birthday party for your loved ones.

Select a Theme

Choosing a theme is the most important part of the plan when it comes to a personalized party. You can go for traditional poolside or backyard carnival themed party if you are planning for someone who’s quite young. These work great for summer as both the children and the parents get to enjoy the carefree atmosphere.

Another false-proof summer themed party idea is to have a garden-themed birthday party which goes perfectly well with the warm summer weather. You can make it more special by decorating the place with your guest of honour’s favourite flowers. Whole Blossoms is one of the popular websites that has a vast selection of flowers, perfect for decorating a summer-themed party.

Sketch an Outline of Your Plan

When you have gathered some ideas about how you desire the party to be, create a mental or physical note of your plan’s outline. All the ideas you gather can be put here, added or removed later if they don’t work out for you. Visualizing the concept beforehand will help you to avoid forgotten plans and hasty last-minute works.

Pick a Time and Place

When it comes to organizing a birthday party, the best option would be to arrange the party on that date. However, if your guest of honour isn’t picky about dates, you can choose a date on a weekend when most of the party attendees can be present. As for time, there is no particular time for a summer-themed party. You can either choose afternoon, evening or even a whole day depending on the concept you are going for.

Create Invitation/Thank You Cards

After you have decided upon the basic plans, you can create some personalized invitation or ‘thank you’ cards. You can either buy or use free templates from different sites if you don’t want to spend extra. These cards will not only wrap up the theme nicely but also gain you additional praises.

Select Foods & Drinks

For summer themed parties, you would want colourful foods along with soothing drinks. It is also very important for a personalized party to include some foods the guest of honour loves. In that way, you can confirm the satisfied smile on his/her face after stuffing food in the mouth. Last but not the least, choose a cake with personalized designs to complete the whole thematic look for a perfect birthday party.

Create or Buy Party Favours

Party favours are one of the major attractions of attending a party. For your personalized summer-themed birthday party, you can go for something that’s related to the theme of the party. You can either buy or DIY party favours which will impress your guests. Funky glasses, candied fruits, bubble wands etc. can work as excellent party favours for the summer season. However, you can also keep it sophisticated by creating chocolate-filled box cards or tiny floral bouquets.

Collect Some Themed Party Decorations

Themed party decorations work amazingly for personalized birthday parties. You have a lot of options to choose from for creating a perfect birthday décor. You can set up a sweet table with colourful foods to go with the summer vibe. You can also use vibrant and personalized party decorations with balloons, placards, ribbons etc.

To create a distinct look, you may go for floral decorations with greeneries and branches, bouquets and centrepieces or elegant arrangement of tropical flowers. Floral headbands or crowns can also be used instead of typical paper party hats.

Moreover, try to keep the party as a surprise for your guest of honour. Imagine the look on his/her face after seeing all the efforts you have put through. That, alone will be your accomplishment after all the hard work.

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