A Quick Guide To Men’s Summer Fashion Essentials

It’s almost easier to be fashionable in the fall and winter, is it not? The cold weather provides the opportunity to layer strategic patterns and colours, wear accessories such as scarves and beanies, and show off stylish outerwear and shoes. But how can men dress fashionably in the summer, when the heat is sweltering and begs for minimal clothing? Colourful prints are the main saviours for the season, you should try wearing men´s boardshorts. We’re here to help. Below we’ve listed the top men’s fashion essentials for summer 2018 to keep you looking cool while the temperature heats up. 

1. The shorts

The renaissance of preppy shorts has come to an end, and chino shorts have returned with bold force (thank God). Pastels are hot on the East Coast, but avoid these if you’d like to steer clear of that fratty look. Khaki is always a neutral, safe option, but black or navy can add new life to your existing wardrobe.

2. The tank top

If you worked out hard during the cutting season and want to show off those jacked arms, the tank top is your go-to best friend. Lightweight, breathable, and flattering, these are the number one fashion piece you need plenty of this summer. Girls notice when you repeatedly wear the same shirt, so keep a variety on deck and ready to rock.

3. The t-shirt

It’s hot out—keep your t-shirts light or risk sporting unsightly sweat spots. Do yourself a favour and invest in shirts with a bit more substance than a 5-pack of Fruit of the Loom, but keep the designs simple. No Ed Hardy. No obnoxious graphic tees with horrible jokes. Go with something classic and nautical, such as the timeless striped tee.

4. The evening wear

When the situation calls for it and you need to bit more debonair, you have three options for high-class fashion:

  • The polo: These work well with chino shorts, but you will be encroaching on preppy—a very, very bad thing. Tone it down with neutral colours and a pair of jeans.
  • The short sleeve button up: Unless your goal is to look like a Weekend Dad, stay away from bowling shirts and Hawaiian shirts (and no, floral is not the same as “Hawaiian”. This trend is definitely in—just take a look at Coachella).
  • The long sleeve button up: Ladies love the look of washed linen rolled up to three-quarter length sleeves, just be sure your fabric is light and breezy. Plain colours are a staple for a reason but don’t get boring.

5. The bathing suit

From the beach to the pool party, men’s short swim trunks are what will make you stand out in a crowd. Show off those quads to complement your killer six-pack with these bathing suit bottoms that are a bit more revealing, but don’t go too short that you risk a wardrobe malfunction. Here is your chance to not be basic and boring! Pick out whimsical and eclectic patterns to draw all eyes on you.

6. The shoes

Please do not be the guy who shows up at the beach in tennis shoes. Make sure your toes are neatly groomed and wear sandals to the sand like a normal person. A classic, leather brown pair is always the stylish choice. If you’re adamant about the whole no-sandals thing, at least make sure you’re donning a nautical pair men’s boat shoes from Sperry.

7. The sunglasses

Here is where function meets fashion. Not only do sunglasses shield your eyes from bright sun rays whilst island hopping, lounging at the beach or hanging poolside, but they also help accentuate your features and can complement any outfit. From Oakleys to Ray-Bans, the brand is yours to choose, but be sure to pick out a pair that flatters your facial structure.

8. The hat

Hats not only look good, but they also provide shade from that unrelenting summer sun. The styles they come in are super versatile; choose one that best expresses your individuality. Baseball caps, snapbacks, wide-brimmed straw hats and fedoras each project a certain image, so be selective when choosing your headgear. Please, no matter what you do, stay away from the trucker hat unless you’re trying to look like a basic bro.

Whether you do an edgy aesthetic, rugged appeal, or anywhere in between, these essential fashion staples can help infuse a seasonal spin to any wardrobe.

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