Mini-Guide On How To Style High Heels This Season

Most women would agree that high heels are more than a style accessory. High heels are a fashion staple that has its place in a woman’s wardrobe and heart. There are, literally, endless heel patterns, styles, and heights to choose from. Whether you want to make a good impression on your first day at work or walk down the aisle, there are heels made for all occasions. Depending on the event and the attire you are carrying, the right pair of platform heels or wedges can accentuate your look. They can give your look and confidence, a boost, and make anyone turn their head.

When women invest in a pair of heels, they look for comfort first. After all, they don’t want anything to slow them done. Then, they look for the style that would match the occasion. Knowing which pair of heels will go best with which dress or how to style a heel can be a challenge even for style divas. So, here we are with a mini-guide on how to style high heels,

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels are favorite amongst fashion divas because of the style and comfort they offer. Kitten heels have a height of 2 inches or less and are comfortable to wear and easy to style. Whether you have a formal event to attend or a party to go to, you can carry them with panache. And the best part, you can walk or dance on them for a more extended period.

Lace-up Heels

Lace-up heels draw inspiration from gladiator sandals and ballerina shoes. No matter where its history is, lace-up heels for women carry elegance and sex appeal.

If you are into street-styling or have a love for everything bohemian, lace-up heels will interest you. These ultra-chic and versatile footwear can be team up with long flared maxi-dresses to formal attires, ripped boyfriend jeans to pants. Whatever outfit you choose, lace-up heels will add to your style and charm.


If you are a real high heels lover and know how to walk on sands with this beauty on, you probably have a pair or two stilettos. These are the highest heels and have an ultra-thin heel that makes them a perfect choice for evening soirees and parties. So, if you are headed to the club or hosting a party, polish your stilettos.

Wedge Heels

It’s a common notion that high heels and comfort can’t go hand in hand. However, if you have gotten into a pair of wedges, you would know it’s a myth. Since the wedge sole distributes the body weight evenly, it is one of the most comfortable and versatile pair of sandals. Walking in them will be a calk walk, even for those who have no experience walking on high heels.

Now, coming to styling wedge heels. There are two types of wedges – wedge sandals and wedge heels. No matter what you have, you can carry them for casual occasions and brunches. Wedges look good on a variety of outfits. Whether you are wearing a skirt or skin-tight jeans, a pair of wedges will complete your look.

Platform Heels

Platform heels have a broad plateau or platform in the front, making the sole thicker. In platform heels, the elevation doesn’t arch the feet, making it comfortable to carry. Platform heels come in a variety of sizes and patterns, and heights.

Whether you are heading for an official outing where you are required to wear fitted suits or going out clubbing, you can pick them without a doubt.

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels are always in vogue for its chic vibes and classy look. Ankle strap heels have straps that tie up at the back of the ankle. This gives extra support and an element of style to these heels. The height can vary, but the strap always makes even the highest of all easy to walk.

Ankle strap heels are a hit amongst brides and bridesmaids. If you choose ankle strap heels to be your bridal heels, rest assured to have a comfortable time on them. With these heels, you can do away with the discomfort that usually accompanies high heels without sacrificing the style.

Clear Perspex Heels

Any high heels styling guide is complete without a mention of clear Perspex. Ever since Dior introduced clear Perspex heels to the world in 2015, beauty divas from across have displayed their love for them.

Besides being super-chic and fashionable, Perspex are versatile. They can be team-up with a wide range of fashion staples. Take, for example, denim. Whether you’re going out on a casual tee and jeans, slide your feet on Perspex, and you’re good to rock the day. Clear Perspex also goes best with dresses. If you are wearing a bodycon or a basic dress, add extra sass with Perspex.

And if you think these are the only ways to style a Perspex, you couldn’t be any wrong. No matter how odd it may sound, but clear Perspex can be matched for a sporty look. They can be flawlessly paired with tracksuits, jerseys, or jackets.

Block Heels

If you have been refraining from heels because of the discomfort it causes, block heels are for you. These beauties can be spotted on red carpets, royalties, and elite parties team up with gowns, casual wear, and dresses.

Whether you want to wear block heels to the office or a private soiree, you will look incredibly chic on them. Red block heels can be matched with office parties or festive outings like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

 Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots made a comeback into the fashion game, and we couldn’t be any happier. These easy to style and comfortable heels are an excellent pick for the fall and winter. They can be styled for college or clubbing night, night-outs, and casual outings. To know the ways to style ankle boots, read our exclusive blog on it here.

So, here are some of the season’s hottest heel trends that you can flawlessly rock. For more such fashion related updates, keep following XY London. Stay Fashionable!

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