Starbucks Latte Healthier Than MacDonald’s Fries? Think Again

Which is more sinful? A green tea latte from Starbucks or a medium sized french fries from MacDonald’s?

My colleague hesitated with her answer. Green tea Latte sounds so innocently healthy but she figured that I would not have asked such a straight forward question. So she reluctantly answered Green Tea Latte and she is absolutely right!

Ryoko Iwata from I Love Coffee created the illustrations to show how the calories of some of our favourite Starbucks drinks match up to our usual fast food baddies.

I love her final point which says ‘If you are counting calories, be careful what you order. It’s easy to transform your morning coffee into liquid dessert.’

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Starbucks Drinks 1

Starbucks Drink 2

 Starbucks Drinks 3

How many calories are there in a starbucks drink - AspirantSG

Starbucks Drink 4

Starbucks Drinks 5

Starbucks Drink 6

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