StanChart Tigerair Card – Your Faster Way To More Holidays!

Everyone loves a free holiday and that’s what Standard Chartered Bank and budget carrier Tigerair promise with their latest no-frills airline credit card! I was told before attending its launch event that this amazing card offers its bearer a faster way to more holidays even before one starts spending.

Standard Chartered Tigerair Platinum Card - AspirantSG

Shaw Theatre Premiere, Nex Shopping Mall was temporary transformed into an exquisite boarding lounge with friendly Tigerair crew attending to our every needs be it seatings, drinks and event snacks. Being a tad early, I get to have a solo shot with Kai Xin. She told me that I will be flying off to one of these 11 destinations in the backdrop. Can’t wait!


Ok, here’s the serious stuff. According to Som Subroto (Regional Consumer Banking Head Of Standard Chartered Bank), their research shown that travel-related spending on credit cards has grown by at least 35% year-on-year while spending on budget carriers has jumped 20%. Hence it made absolute sense for Standard Chartered Bank & Tigerair to partner each other for the ultimate credit card that will suit value-conscious travellers in Singapore!

Tigerair Takeoff

This amazing card does not work by mileage points. It offers instant travel gratification even before you start spending on the card. Yes, that’s right. Just sign up for the card and congratulations – here’s your one-way ticket. You just have to charge $5,000 to your card within the next 12 months. Come on, how tough is that. Before you know it, $5,000 clocked and you got yourself another one-way ticket. There is no limit to the number of tickets that cardholders can receive, as long as they fulfil the spending requirement after claiming each ticket. Yippie!

Upfront Rewards - AspirantSG

The free air tickets are inclusive of tax and other surcharges, and are valid for one-way travel from Singapore. You get to choose from 11 of Tigerair’s most popular regional destinations, namely Bangkok, Hat Yai, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Krabi, Kuala Lumpur, Medan, Penang, Pekanbaru, Phuket, and Surabaya.

Tiger Destinations

Other than the upfront ticket rewards, you also get to enjoy a complimentary suite of travel perks for all Tigerair flights booked with this card. Travel perks include benefits such as boardmefirst priority boarding, advance seat selection, additional check-in baggage allowance (from 20kg to 25kg) as well as a free Stripes membership worth S$29.95 which allows cardholders access to fantastic fare deals ahead of the general public. Other benefits for cardholders include access to over 1,000 Standard Chartered dining deals and retail discounts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.01.05 PM

But do note that should you fail to chalk up $5,000 of spendings over a 12-month period, there will be a $100 penalty fee. If you are not that comfortable with “Upfront Rewards” Plan, you can opt for the conventional rewards programme by enrolling in the “Future Rewards” plan where points can be collected to redeem tickets on Tigerair and other gifts. Every $1 spent is worth one reward point.

Where Am I Heading? 

The event organisers have cleverly hidden the 11 destinations under our tables in the premiere movie theatre! I could hardly contain my excitement when I unveil my destination! I am going Bangkok! Eunice (Travelerfolio) on the other hand was heading to Penang.

Normally I would be thrilled with Bangkok as my travel destination but I just visited the city a few weeks ago. Eunice on the other hand has travelled to Penang frequently as that’s her husband’s hometown.

Well, I have never been to Penang and she has never been to Bangkok (unbelievable but true). So we decided to do a swap.

Now I am heading to Penang! Please share all the must go makan places in the comments section below!


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A draw will be conducted after 20 October 2013 and one lucky tweep get to walk away with your dream coffee machine!

AspirantSG - Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine Giveaway

Terms & Condition:

Period: 14 – 20 October 2013

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Have fun & good luck!

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  1. Lai Lai

    Yums Penang. The land of good food. Die die must try the Penang Laksa & Ais Tingkap!

  2. Dixon Goh

    Anyone can get the card? I am still a student..

  3. Geri Geri

    Just tweeted! Pick me ok! 🙂

  4. Jermaine

    $5,000 commitment for just a one way budget air ticket??? No thanks!


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