Top 5 European Cities To Spend Your First Spring Holidays

Europe has fantastic sites for tourism during the spring season. The fact that it is off-season, there is no congestion of tourists and the prices are also cheaper. Moreover, the weather is moderate making your visit here worthwhile. It’s great for sports tourism, like golf courses in Algave, though most people go about Europe spring holiday their own way, below is some amazing cities that you should not miss while there:

1. Vienna in Austria

Labor in Austria is taking seriously unlike in the USA where it is taking just like another day for celebration. It is also not in September but in May(in spring) like most countries in the world. This makes Vienna a nice destination especially for people interested in experiencing freedom, liberty, and schnitzel together with thousand of other same-minded people.

Austria natives hold large events to celebrate their laborers on this day they refer to May Day(Maifeiertag). The way Vienna goes about this day will impress you as the whole city stands still in honor of the day. The theme color, present in all the corners of the city is red to enhance their culture and show their pride.

Besides the labor day experience, you can also explore the towns surrounding the city. Here, you will not only enjoy a beautiful scenario but also talk with locals and discover how they spend their labor day. Furthermore, you can dance and have a taste of some traditional food varieties.

2. Rome in Italy

Roman culture is interesting especially the Holy Weeks Season regardless of whether you are religious. The occasion of having the Pope bless you during Easter festivals among others two million is awesome. This makes Rome one of the best destinations to consider visiting during spring.

Other bonuses of making Rome number one destination during this season is the fact that there is fair heat, lesser tourists, and off-season charges for things.  You can also have a good time enjoying gelato or the authentic artichokes of Roman.

3. Paris in France

Paris is renowned for not one but many things that attract visitors in the spring. This can range from the balconies stocked with pleasant fresh flowers, parks to the reviving of cafe culture outdoors. One of the must enjoy things while in Paris is the Museums’ Night well known as Nuit des Musee. This is the time you got to view for free some great art internationally. Cultural centers, museums and art galleries give everyone in the city this chance in May for a single night.

Most people argue that the city gives more than you can desire as you can have fun in unlimited ways. Imagine just viewing the numerous beautiful gardens in the city or just having a picnic before the famous Eiffel Tower.

4. Munich in Germany

Munich is lively in spring especially with the Spring festival popularly known here as Fruhling’s festival. Its usually celebrated during the April-may transition period. At this time, it is common to find natives having a good time near Isar River. If you are lucky enough, they can invite you to share a wurst or a snack. Though Munich is interesting throughout the year, spring will definitely give you the most amazing experience.

5. Seville, Spain

In April, Seville celebrates the spring fair, well-known as the Feria de Abril making it a cool destination to visit in spring. For a whole week, the city becomes an active fiesta with all, visitors or not, dancing to their hearts desire, trying different food from all over the world, participate in cultural sports or put on the Andalucian attire among other things around the city. You can also enjoy the city view while you are there as the city has diverse features like the orange trees found in the entire city.

Other top cities to have a lovely experience in Europe spring period include Prague in the Czech Republic, Hungary’s Budapest or Amsterdam in the Netherlands. You will also enjoy a quiet moment without congestion in any part of Greece, the Mediterranean sea area or Italy. The heat is also more manageable during this period than in summer.

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