How Sports Injury Clinic In Singapore Can Help You Get Back On Track

Having an active lifestyle like engaging in various or specific sports can do wonders to our body and overall health. However, it cannot be denied that careful as we may be, injury in sports is unavoidable and these sports-related injuries can really affect our body’s normal function. Some injuries can be minor and only cause acute pain and discomfort while there are injuries that require immediate medical attention like fractures, bone dislocations and more serious injuries that can negatively affect one’s quality of life.

This is where the role of a sports injury clinic in Singapore comes in. Sports injury clinic? There is such a thing? Yes, you read it right. Sports clinics are actually a thing and play an important in helping athletes and people with active lifestyle cope and manage with sports-related injuries and health issues.

What is a sports injury clinic?

A sports clinic is a great alternative for people who are not keen for on-going surgical procedures but want to seek medical help. Typically, a sports clinic is run by sports medicine specialists that are well-trained to deal with injury prevention methods and post-injury recovery and management.

Physioactive is a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic in Singapore that offers expert guidance and evidence-based programs specifically designed to help clients get the right diagnosis, treatment and management of sports-related health concerns. Physioactive have in its core a team of professional international sports specialists that are highly qualified and well-trained in sports medicine and the required care to deliver effective quality service and ultimately, maximize your quality of life.

What services can you avail at a sports clinic in Singapore?

To help you get back on track and help you have a healthy, active lifestyle after a sports-related injury, here are some of the best services physiotherapy clinics offer:

Correct diagnosis of your injury

During your consultation at a sports injury clinic, the sports specialists and doctors will review your medical history and perform an overall physical exam to accurately diagnose your injury and the extent of damage it has caused to the body. Correct identification of the extent of the injury and the affected structures helps the doctor and sports specialist to devise a treatment plan that specifically targets the injury. In addition, correctly identifying the cause for injury can help you and your sports specialist prevent the injury from happening again in the future.

Sports Injury Management

Getting back on track and picking yourself up after a sports-related injury can be a very challenging job. This is why, during the recovery period, you’ll need as much help as you can get and a sports injury clinic is a good choice to get your sports injury management needs. The most common ankle to shoulder injuries sustained from sports that need post-injury management area:

  • sprains
  • strains
  • dislocations
  • recovery from fractures

Whatever sports you have, the skilled and well-experienced sports physiotherapists at PhysioActive will be able to help you recuperate and be at top form. With proper guidance, personalized treatment plans and access to the latest in advanced exercise equipment, you’ll be able to regain your strength and get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports Massage

Physioactive can also help athletes who have experience certain degree of minor sport-related body pains such as:

  • muscle fatigue and soreness
  • joint pain
  • some degree of muscle weakening
  • body aches (ankle, knees, thighs, back or shoulder)

While these issues are minor compared to injuries that require surgical treatment, these minor issues can cause some serious effects n the body when left untreated. Over time, when these issues are not addressed, it can greatly impact how the quality of your game and eventually affect the quality of life. This is why every time you feel like you some degree of body pains and discomfort on a certain muscle group, it is recommended that you get a sports massage at a sports injury clinic.

Benefits of a Sports Massage:

I know everyone can agree that a massage is always a great idea and will leave you great and relaxed. A sports massage is no different. It is a massage designed to promote healing from sports-related muscle issues and performed by a professional trained to give the effective and relaxing care to clients. A sports massage can give an athlete the following benefits:

  • helps increase blood flow
  • aid in healing from sports injury
  • enhance flexibility
  • boost performance potential
  • designed to relax you and your muscles

Given these benefits, it is no surprise that many athletes and sports programs include sports massage a fundamental part of their training. At PhysioActive, it is a guarantee that your sports massaged will be performed by a trained professional who listens to your concerns to help you have a great experience. The sports massage treatment plan is specifically tailored to your needs to achieve maximum healing.


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