Sponsored Post/Video: Discover Tohoku x Tokyo For 360 Japan Experience

Japan is a beautiful country that is frequently visited by Singaporeans throughout the year. However, many of us are guilty of not venturing out of our usual cities like Tokyo, Hokkaido or Kyoto. This year we would like to invite everyone to re-discover the city of Tokyo like you have never before and also introduce the newly discovered Tohoku through 360° VR (virtual reality) videos. This series of videos showcased the different experiences and activities offered by these cities throughout the four seasons enjoyed by the Japanese. Ready to explore Tokyo and Tohoku? Let’s go!

Tokyo is a city that offers new discoveries every time you visit. Although Tohoku is a lesser-known place compared to its Capital, you can enjoy the warmth of Japanese culture, savour its nature scenery, soak in its history, taste its cuisines, and interact with the locals to find new discoveries that you never had before.

With close proximity to each other, Tokyo and Tohoku make the perfect compliment for your Japan experience. From Tokyo, you can simply travel using special discount air fair or visitor pass on Shinkansen (bullet train or aeroplane) to swing by Tohoku. This unique synergy between these two destinations makes them the best combination for you indulge to in Japan 360° at any season.

360° TOHOKU & TOKYO film is a project that gathers and presents the must-see wonders of Tokyo and Tohoku area. This short movie is a summary of “Iwate/Yamagata prefecture” in Tohoku area, Japan. View the video and enjoy thrilling and exciting Tokyo and good old-fashioned Tohoku to have broader and deeper experiences of fascinating Japan.

This post has been presented by Tokyo Metropolitan Government but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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