Tips To Safeguard Your Personal Social Security Number

Have you ever heard about the SSC number? If you’re residing in the United States, then you must be familiar with this term. If not, read this article to get a clear view about the SSC number and steps to safeguard your personal social security number. 

Social Security Number – Simplified

The Social Security Administration agency that is located in the United States issues a unique 9-digit number to all the citizens of the US. This number is commonly known as the Social Security Number or SSN. The key purpose of this number is to track your personal details, your earnings, and work experience by the government. To get your SSN, you can either use the online application that is available on the official portal or you can seek the help of an agency.

If you’re above the age of 18 and you’ve started to earn, then it is important to get your SSC number. It is the number that is used to track your income details and work experience. Once you’re retired, the government calculates the eligibility and provides you with Social Security benefits.

How to Safeguard Your SSN?

Safeguarding your Social Security Number is as important as getting an SSN. This is necessary because your SSC number is linked with all government agencies. Revealing or stealing your SSC number might land you up in trouble.

One must be smart enough to know how to safeguard your Social Security Number. Less exposure or not revealing this number could potentially save you from major problems.

It’s important that you safeguard all your 9-digits, if not, atleast protect your last 4-digits of your Social Security Number. This is because most of the financial organizations make use of the last 4-digits to identify you.

Following are some of the important tips to safeguard your Social Security Number from thieves or fraudsters:

  • Do not carry your SSN card with you, keep it in a safe place – It is important to keep your SSN card at home or in any other safe place. This could either be a locker or a folder that is in a safe place like your house.
  • Memorize your SSC Number – Remembering your SSC number would come handy in case of emergency. Memorizing it would reduce the risk and you need not carry the card everywhere you go.
  • Do not share your SSN unless it is really mandatory – Do not provide your SSN except for banks or governmental agencies. If some unknown person or private agencies request for your SSN, ask few questions before you submit it.
  • Beware of fraudsters, phone and email scams that could misuse your SSN – Your thieves might come in any form, be it a spam phone call or a spam mail. Do not respond to the calls or emails unless you get it from a legitimate user.
  • Create strong passwords – Use a combination of alphanumeric and symbols to create strong passwords. This prevents the thieves from stealing your personal data.
  • Monitor your bank accounts – Keep an eye on your accounts. In case, if someone misuses your Social Security number, you might easily find it in your bank balance, credit or any other accounts.
  • Be careful when you share your details through electronic devices – Sharing your SSN through electronic devices may land you up in trouble. So be careful when you submit your details using electronic devices.

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