Smart Ways How Young Singaporeans Can Make Extra Money

Young Singaporeans are living their life to the fullest YOLO yeah we all do. But that left many of these young folks suffering from a lack of saving. With the advent of the internet age, making money through new and interesting resources is becoming the norm. In a country where R&D is forefront, finances are paramount and new developments popping up daily, there are several options to make money doing the things you love. Here are some of the smart ways how young Singaporeans can make extra money to sustain their YOLO lifestyle and yet keep some savings in the bank.


1. Translation

Equipped with a high level of English, Singaporeans can offer translation services, which can be completed at home. There are several different sites you can sign up to start a career in translation services and each one is slightly different. In many ways, this is a perfect job, since you can learn about new subjects, work from home and get paid for it!


2. Uber

Having gained popularity in other parts of the world too, Uber is a great app for Singaporeans who want to engage with other people, have good local knowledge and can drive. Average costs of Uber taxis are half that of a normal taxi and still offer a living wage, as well as the chance to see new places and meet new people.


3. Stocks

Considered the financial hub of Asia, Singapore is a popular place for trading. The key to good investment is knowing when to put in and when to pull out, achieving maximum yield. With the advice of a reputable trading company City Index, getting a trade index can up the game on this front and have you reaping the rewards.

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4. Information Marketing

Almost on a par with translation, there is a niche in information marketing, which seems to be adopted by many Singaporeans. Since the country prioritises R&D, there are a lot of interesting research  being carried out in healthcare etc. This has given way to providing web pages with interesting healthcare information, exercise material and other niches. This industry is regulated by Google and other search engines but can provide an impressive income with sites such as ClickBank storing eBooks.


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