A Singaporean Guide to Property Buying Fees & Charges

I personally believe that property is the best asset that every Singaporeans should strive to own. During conversations with friends, I came to realised that many young Singaporeans are not fully aware of the various property buying fees and charges. Many simply assumed that the dream of owning a property is beyond their means even without doing their maths.

I myself have also been through a period where I am not sure if I am able to afford a space of my own. Thankfully iMoney Singapore has came up with an infographic that offers a quick comprehensive guide to property buying fees and charges for your easy reference.

Please take note that the information on the infographic is accurate as of 1st September 2013. Readers are advised to do their homework and read up on latest policy changes at HDB InfoWEB and URA Home Buyers’ Guide.

Remember to share with us your afterthoughts in the comments section.

Singaporean Guide To Property Fee Charges - AspirantSG

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