Hair Oils You Will Need To Keep Your Silky Hair Beautiful

Do not wait until your hair starts to fall off to start thinking about devoting some care to it. Prevention is better than cure; you don’t have to wait till you have some evidence of a patchy scalp. Yes! That will grab your attention. Unhealthy hair may be as a result of your genes, the lifestyle you lead and hair processing procedures you expose your hair too: this includes the shaving brush kit you recently got from the store. Here are some of the hair oils we recommend to keep your silky hair beautiful. 

In as much as some of the factors may be beyond your control, the quality of hair that you have is a product of the care you give it. If hair loss has made you a bitter woman, there is no need to be vexed any longer as you can still give it back its glow. The process will mostly not be easy, but it is worth your while. You will need to consider investing in some oils that will give back your hair its volume and sheen. The following five oils will be perfect for the job.

1. Almond Oil

You will be shocked by how much women adore this oil. Well, the catch is the health benefits that they reap from it. Almond oil comes well packaged with monosaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E and D,  proteins, zinc, and potassium to mention a few. It explains why your friend’s skin and hair looks so perfect!

Are you suffering from hair loss and you cannot avoid the hot styling hair tools because your hair is tough? Don’t look further, almond’s softening properties will amuse you, and you will no longer have to use the blow-dryer on maximum heat to tame your hair. The calcium and magnesium in almond oil will save some strands by moisturizing the hair and averting hair loss.

You can count on almond oil to keep your hair strong, thick and healthy. Its method of application is as simple as just rubbing it in your hands and massaging it into your scalp.

2. Lavender Oil

Do you have dandruff, psoriasis and a dry scalp? How about you put lavender oil’s enriching properties to the test. The beauty of lavender oil is that you are not limited to rubbing the oil into your scalp. Direct consumption can deal with your insomnia, anxiety, and stress: which also contribute to the shedding of hair.

Lavender oil will aid in blood circulation in the scalp and the whole body, something that tells you that it plays a significant role in the hair growth cycle. Not forgetting of how your scalp will stay free of infections thanks to its antibacterial properties. For best results, you can mix a little lavender oil, coconut oil and olive oil at least once a day.

3. Coconut Oil

For every healthy looking and thick hair you see, there must be some coconut oil action. It will also prevent your shaft from breaking by preventing it from losing moisture.  It also has its antibacterial properties that will ward off fungi, bacteria, and viruses by the action of the lauric acid. How do you get coconut oil to work for your hair?

Just massage some warm coconut oil into your scalp and hair on a daily basis and larger quantities weekly. Leave it to set and wash it using shampoo, but be careful not to wash away all the oil, lest you will leave your scalp dry.

4. Castor Oil

Are you tired of how your hair cannot stop thinning? Get some extra volume by applying castor oil. Ricinoleic acid, which is a component of the oil will boost blood circulation in your scalp and do some magic to the growth of your hair. Once you start using castor oil, fungal and bacterial infections on your scalp will be a thing of the past. Its application is as easy as ensuring that you evenly distribute the oil to your strands. Since its consistency is thick, you can always mix it with coconut oil to ease application. Also, remember to wash it out using shampoo after leaving it for a few minutes.

5. Olive Oil

If you want an oil that penetrates your hair shaft faster and better than other oils, then olive oil will be your best pick. It is a great conditioner and a moisturizer. Its compounds are also very beneficial when it comes to hair growth. Massage it into your head while warm, leave it for an hour then wash it out at the same time being careful not to get rid of all the oil.

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