Exclusive Seventh Heaven Property In AL Barari, Dubai

It’s possible you are just hearing this for the very first time, and you might be wondering what seventh heaven apartment means in AL Barari. The Seventh apartment is the new development happening in the city which is expected to have at least one to four bedroom apartments, villas, and penthouses of exclusive styles and design.

The apartments will be built on ample floor space starting from 1,700 square feet to 6,700 square feet. Each apartment will be known for its style and design, and residents will have lots of space to use for different things such as events and enjoy the natural ventilation of the community.

It hosts a lot of amenities that make like so easier and exciting for inhabitants such as game rooms for game lovers, a bookstore for those who cherish books above any other thing, and it has shared pool for relaxation and many more. The community is user-friendly, eco-friendly and sustainable for residents.

Here are some of the best seventh heaven apartments you can opt for. Moreover, all can be seen on LuxuryProperty.com – Dubai Luxury Real Estate Brokerage House, and whenever you wish to make a purchase, you hop over to the site.

Apartment in Al Barari with Burj View (AED 6,504,000)

The villa is one of the most furnished you will find on the seventh heaven. Trees surround it with green pastures which make it the ideal place for those who cherish nature and serene environment. The apartment is a definition of what urban living is all about with each room showing its elegance and luxury look.

The environment is perfect and flooded with fantastic facilities that make it appealing to everyone. It has fitted rooms and kitchen for the apartment, and within the community, you will have access to the gym center, you will be able to view the sea, there are recreational facilities, and there is maximum security to ensure that residents are safe and secure. Finally, the apartment has central air conditioning to ventilate the whole house and keep it cool during hot condition.

Stunning Apartment at Seventh Heaven (AED 4,007,200)

The apartment is one of the principal residential homes in the whole of AL Barari. It doesn’t cost a tremendous amount of money to acquire, and yet some of the best and expensive apartments in Dubai can’t stand with the Stunning Apartment at Seventh Heaven because of the infrastructure and facilities.

The apartments aren’t just designed to fill up space but are well structured to reflect the history and value of the community. The environment is greenery and peaceful to reside for single and families. It has a fantastic design for the interior and exterior décor. The apartment has a spacious living room with a master bedroom that is en-suite with wardrobes and all that is needed to make life bearable for users.

There you will find top class facilities that will impress and inspire you to choose the place over any other in Dubai. Part of the facilities is spa center; entertainment hub, restaurants, gym, shops and you will have access as well to view the water. The community has shops where you can purchase things, and the whole apartment is en-suite with a central air conditioner to ensure that the entire building is ventilated.

Fantastic Apartment in Al Barari (AED 2,885,800)

The name fantastic isn’t a form to hype the apartment, but that is just what the entire building is all about. The apartment has a spacious layout which extends unto a spacious floor. It is a serene environment, and the apartment is well situated with an elegant design which is why most people calls it the best second home in Dubai, I doubt if you know the first and that will be discussed in some other posts, so you need to be updated.

The apartment is endowed with balcony to relax and view the whole environment and the sea, it has shops around to buy things, well-furnished and the floor is covered with carpets, the fitness center is topnotch in their services, recreational facilities and many more. All this makes the apartment a better place to be for those who want seventh heaven living.

In conclusion, seventh heaven is a new improvement to the community of AL, and it hosts some apartments that depict the elegance and luxury living of the city. So, we see it as a task to share the apartments with you, and they are all listed above.

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