What To Fix Before Selling A House: 7 Must-do Improvements

Are you planning to sell your house so you can move out to one of those amazing Emaar off plan projects in Dubai? This article is just for you. When you start planning to sell your home, there are some things you have to consider before like painting the walls, making some repairs and start taking a good look to everything that needs to be cleaned up so you can sell my property fast at its finest and get the most possible profit from it.

Normally, you should ask a real estate agent what your house’s needs are, so he/she can provide some advice about what repairs have to be done, but this article can give you some orientation, as a starting point, on what usually needs to be fixed on a house before selling.

Taking care of some of your house’s particular needs will lead to a successful sale so you can start considering those Meraas Sur La Mer prices you’ve been thinking about.


Giving an update to your house’s walls will not only give it a fresh new look, but it will show a house that’s been taken care of. Painting your house is, practically, one of the cheapest fixes you can find.

As an extra tip, when you choose lighter and neutral colors, it gives the house a stylish, fresh, modern yet conservative vibe. The best part of it is that you don’t have to paint the entire house, just those areas which obviously need it.

And if you want to make your house look bigger, consider loft conversion ideas; just be sure to check out loft conversion cost in 2019 before you make your final decision.


The façade of your house is the first things buyers will see, so you need to give it a retouch. Clean the garden and any junk that might take the beauty of your property away, plant flowers. Just give it a nice warm look and the house will speak for itself.


The kitchen is usually one of the parts of the house that needs the most repairs but you shouldn’t make a great investment on it if your realtor doesn’t tell you that you’ll get your money back. Therefore, you can make some repairs that enhance its appearance. You can paint it, clean the windows, give it some light.

Something that’s really important is that appliances work as they should, so if your oven or your dishwasher needs a fix or a replacement, you should do it. You’ll thank yourself in the future.


A clean, working and good-looking bathroom will give your house one of the final touches it needs to be sold. Make all the repairs you need, because a good or at least a nice bathroom is necessary.

Replace any missing tile, clean the grout, the shower, the sink, everything. The cleaner your bathroom looks, the better for you.

When making home repairs, remember that the kitchen and the bathroom are the MOST important areas. You have to focus on them, and give them an amazing look. As you may have already noticed, they also are the most expensive areas to upgrade, so you have to be very careful and focus on what really needs to be repaired/fixed.


Good illumination can make the worst of the spaces a good one! By giving good lighting to your home, you’ll make it seem open, wide and inviting to everyone who comes to take a look at it. If there’s any chance you can improve your home’s lighting, take it and make it work.

Letting natural lighting enter your house will also give it a comfortable look, so don’t forget putting some light curtains that let the sun pass through.


Making sure that everything at home works as it has to is crucial to list your property on the market. Not everything has to be shiny and new to make it desirable for buyers, just give it a good look and show that everything works as it should and you’ll be just fine.

Try to repair or fix everything that’s broken, damaged or in bad shape. You only need a few of these failing components to start driving the price of your property down.


To avoid issues that may cause your property to lose some of its value is having a pre-sale home inspection so you can identify any minimal or big issue before listing your home.

There are lots of things you can miss, so getting professional help from a realtor or a home inspector should do.

The advantage of having a pre-sale inspection is that you’ll be ready and confident for any inspection that comes during the sale of your property.

So, if you’re planning to sell anytime soon, make sure that you fix every minimal issue, get some professional help and then start selling your home! Then you can check out some District One Villas Dubai for you to invest and move in, once completed.

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