How To Buy And Sell Pallet Tanks On Ibctoterecycling.Com?

Intermediate bulk containers, also known as pallet tanks and IBC totes are versatile containers that are popular and widely used for storage and logistics of a large number of products including pharmaceuticals and farm produce. By virtue of being in the right shape, these containers of a greater storage capacity and better handling.  Combined with the ability to store liquid and granular material this makes the IBC totes popular all over the world. Owners of businesses who may find the need for disposing of used pallet tanks define the services offered by the featured site to be of great use.

Earning A Reasonable Amount From Sale Of Used Palette Tank Sale Of Used Pallet Tanks

It is true that most owners of businesses would be more than happy to get a removal service to pick up and remove the used IBC totes. However, actually offers business owners reasonable compensation for pallet tanks that are of a particular condition. In other words, this means that if the tank in your possession horse acceptable standards and condition, you may actually be paid for the tanks. This will be a double bonus for you considering the fact that you will not have to spend any money towards the transportation of the used tanks for disposal.

Effective Method Of Disposing Used Intermediate Bulk Containers

A large number of business owners may find no practical use of pilot tanks that have fulfilled their purpose or have lost the ability to store products. It will then become necessary for the IBC totes to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Disposal of materials is not really easy considering the regulations surrounding the disposal of storage tanks that may have contained chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the past. This entails transportation of the IBC totes to essay facility where the pallet tanks can either be disposed or refurbished.  The featured site offers owners the option of disposing of used pallet tanks free of cost.

Sourcing High Quality Refurbished IBC Totes

Due to the extensive use of these tanks, the demand for empty IBC totes is very high.  The featured site offers owners the options of purchasing refurbished IBC totes at reasonable costs. This effectively means that you will receive a good quality container at affordable prices. The featured service picks up containers from clients who wish to dispose of them and refurbishes them at a specialist facility. These tanks are comparable to brand new thanks in terms of their appearance and the condition of the tanks to store and transport materials.

Cut Down On Expenses Towards Logistics

The biggest challenge faced by business owners in their effort to dispose of a used tank is the need for paying agencies expenses for transportation. A large number of service providers offer to pick up and dispose of the pallet tanks. However, most of the service providers typically charge a fee for the handling and transportation of used IBC totes. This is where the featured site is the polar opposite of other sites. Not only will you not have to pay towards transportation you will also have the opportunity to earn through the disposal, as mentioned earlier. By virtue of being a specialist reseller of refurbished pallet tanks, the featured service has at the disposal resources that permit it to organize the pickup and removal of used pallet tanks.

Basic Compliances To Be Fulfilled

There are a few procedures that you need to follow prior to disposal of the pallet tanks. It needs to be RCRA emptied. In other words, the IBC totes need to be fully emptied of its contents with no more than one inch of residual content available at the bottom of the pallet tank. This is regulatory compliance mandated by the government for the safe storage and transportation of empty pallet tanks. As a licensed service provider, the featured site goes by the rule book when it comes to the handling of material for disposal.

The process of getting in touch with the site for requirements is quite simple. All that you need to do is submit your requirements on the online submission form and weight for a resource to get in touch with you and take things forward to its logical conclusion.

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