What Is The Best Scooter For Kids To Ride When Travelling?

There are so many options for you! Whatever your budget or skill level is, you will find a scooter that’s the best fit for your needs. Let us start by mentioning some of the most popular and highly-rated brands. You can check out Razor, Fuzion, Lucky, Hudora, Phoenix, etc. All of these brands have models that are priced around $60 to over $100. They also have models for beginners as well as pro riders. Now, we can’t wait to bring out the superstars. Let’s check them out!

1. Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter – #1 Best Seller

Let us first introduce you to this amazing kick scooter for kids!

In fact, this Razor A5 model has received over 3,000 customer reviews. It’s one of the most popular scooters right now.

You can choose from 4 distinct colors. What you’ll love about this one is that it comes in frustration-free packaging. Plus, the scooter is 100% assembled and ready to ride. The scooter is specifically built for taller riders. The handlebars are very comfortable to grab on. You can also adjust them pretty easily.

If you’re a parent looking for a good scooter to cruise along with your kids, this is the way to go. It also has big, supportive wheels. You can fold the scooter up when not in use to save space. This is a great overall scooter that’s going to be one of your favorites!

2. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter – Awesome for tricks

Fuzion is a reputable brand in the scooter world. Their Z-series scooters are all super well-made and durable. The Z-series go from Z-250 to Z-375. The one we’re recommending right here is the Z-300. 

This Z-300 has a wider deck than the Z-250 scooter. It’s not too wide, however. It can take big guys super easily. We love the build quality of this one! It looks amazing. The construction is pretty well-made and sturdy. What you’ll also get when buying a Fuzion scooter is their excellent support. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

You will be envied at the skatepark when riding this cool vehicle while doing those smooth glides and cool tricks. The scooter also ships 100% dialed so you don’t have to do the hard work. A small drawback, however, is that you can’t adjust the handlebar.

Tall folks may find the handlebar a bit too short at first. You may get used to it over time. Buying this scooter would be money intelligently spent.

3. Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter – Lightweight

This MGP scooter looks super clean! The most unique characteristic of the scooter is that it’s very lightweight.

Your kids are going to love this one. In fact, kids can also enjoy riding this very nice scooter. The weight limit is 80 – 220 lbs. This is a very decent range for a wide array of riders. Another aspect you’ll love is the Japanese Chromoly they used to make this scooter. It’s a super durable and lightweight material.

You’ll also get MGP Blitz brake that works well in many situations. If you don’t like the 100mm wheels that come with the scooter, you can change them with 110mm wheels. They will fit, too! We seriously don’t know what to hate about this well-made product. The price is pretty reasonable for all the quality packed into it.

Yeah, we think you can’t go wrong with this one! A good purchase that’s well worth it!

4. Glion Dolly Kid Electric Scooter – Best for Commuters

Okay, now that you’ve seen all the kick scooters and pro scooters, right? Now is the time we introduce the Glion electric scooter.

We can’t tell you how much we love this product and the company that makes it. Glion actually started out as a campaign on Kickstarter. Their projects were successfully funded by people who have a real demand for this kind of product. And we can tell you this is an awesome product, especially for commuters. You don’t have to get stuck in traffic congestion anymore. You don’t have to walk till your feet get sore anymore.

This Glion electric scooter will end your boring commutes and get you to enjoy your life to the max. The scooter can hold up to 255 lbs! It’s super fast as well. You can expect to travel up to 15 mph on it! On one full charge, you can cover up to 15 miles! It’s sure going to be a very fun ride!

The overall scooter is very quiet. You won’t even notice that the motor is running. The best thing of all? You can fold it up and roll it like a suitcase. Super practical and easy!

5. Razor E100 Electric Scooter – Fast & Fun

So maybe you’re not a commuter and are just looking for a fast and fun scooter. Then, you must check out this Razor E100!

First of all, it’s cheaper than the Glion scooter that we saw earlier. Actually, it’s not even that expensive compared to non-electric scooters.

So, what is the top speed on this one? It’s 10 mph. Pretty awesome, right? On a single charge, you can play with the scooter for up to 40 minutes. The brakes are also so easy to use. Just squeeze it and the scooter will stop at your demand. The build quality of this one is also great. It’s very clean and sturdy. You’ll also get a charger right in the box. 

Oh, but you may need to do some assembly, though. Unlike the Glion scooter, you can’t fold the scooter up. So, it’s better to use as a vehicle to cruise around your neighborhood.

6. Tao Tao Gas Powered Scooter – Great for 2

If you have the budget, you can totally check out this full-blown gas powered scooter. It’s a moped basically. But before buying, remember to check your state’s driving laws and regulations.

The nice thing about Tao Tao scooter is that it’s much cheaper than Japanese or European scooters. However, the performance is relatively similar. You can get up to 35 mph on this one. You can take another person along with you if you like. There’s also a big trunk at the tail so you can store 1 helmet. There’s also another storage box underneath the seat for your backpack or helmet.

This is another very economical option for commuters. You can even use it to run some errands or cruise around town in style.

Definitely another good option that you should look into!

Time to scoot!

And there you have it! Your very own list of the top 6 best scooters for kids right now. If you’re just looking for a simple scooter to get into this fun sport, we’d recommend getting the Razor A5. If you love speed, be sure to check out Glion or Taotao scooter. If you love doing tricks, the Fuzion Z300 or MGP VX7 definitely won’t disappoint! 

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