Say You Want To Win The SAYS CNY Giveaway!

In case you are wondering, there is absolutely no error in my post title. SAYS, a popular social news network in India and The Philippines is now on a mission to create a next-generation news site in sunny Singapore. This revolutionary social news site will feature Singapore’s must-share stories, links, videos and contests by local social media users for the community.

To achieve its lofty ambition, SAYS is giving away a total of $10,000 ang paos in cash every day for the next 30 days! SAYS users who join will be given a lucky ticket for every daily Special they share that receives a minimum of 1 unique visit. The more tickets a user gets, the higher the chances they have to win the angpaos. I already joined and my lucky ticket today is #4196! Fingers crossed for the big $5,000 ang pao! Wish me luck!

Think you can be a winner too? Join the SAYS Singapore CNY Giveaway now!


If I get to win the $5,000, here are the Top 5 items that I will get my hands on:

1. Microsoft Surface $1,000

This will be my answer to blogging on the move! I can so imagine myself sipping coffee and typing furiously at a quiet boutique cafe in Haji Lane.


2. Bring my family for a Chinese New Year Feast $500

Huat ah! You will see us ushering in the Year of the Snake @ PARKROYAL on Beach Road for their Prosperity Buffet Feast Reunion Dinner.


3. Shop for retro furnitures at Bangkok $1,000

I hope to bring in some nice retro furnitures for my bedroom. This stash will come in handy at Talad Rot Fai Weekend Market


4. Save for rainy days $500

It is always wise to set aside some money for rainy days. $500 may sound little but every penny counts!


5. Fund projects for the underprivileged in Singapore $1,000

Moving forward in 2013, AspirantSG Cares is our blog social responsibility (BSR) initiative to take on a proactive role to assist individuals or groups who are driving social projects for the underprivileged in Singapore. The money will come in handy to fund meaningful projects.


Think you can be a winner too? Join the SAYS Singapore CNY Giveaway now!

There is a winner everyday and announcement will be made at 3pm daily via Google Hangout. You can also “Like” SAYS Singapore Facebook Page to watch the SAYS team selecting the winners LIVE everyday!

Have fun, good luck and remember to treat me if you win!

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  1. Shakthi Vadakkepat

    Good thought!

  2. Mika Douglas

    Well thought out. Wish you luck. hugs


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