4 Tips To How You Can Sail Around Europe On A Budget

For so long, sailing has been considered an activity for the rich and for older adults with minimal bills to pay. This misconception has turned many would-be sailors into just spectators. The only thing they can do is to enjoy posts, blogs, and vlogs from those who have taken this step and sailed. The misconception that sailing requires too much money has also forced many enthusiasts to give up on their plans. However, this is not the case. Sailing can be done on a budget and even more so in Europe. Below are some useful tips you can implement and sail around Europe on a budget while still enjoying yourself.  

1. Use a Small Boat

The bigger the boat, the more the expenses. Small boats are ideal when sailing on a budget since they are cheap to maintain and fuel. Additionally, small boats come with the option of sails, engines or even both, which can be used together to propel the boat and minimize fuel consumption. Sailing Europe can be a great experience. It requires the company of professionals who are familiar with the navigation routes, and the weather. Before renting or buying a boat for sale uk, consider its safety and efficiency. You may also consider the navigation route to use to avoid accidents and malfunction problems while in the sea.

2. Join Yacht and Sailors Clubs

Just like bikers or adventure clubs, yacht and sailors clubs bring together people with the same sailing interests. These groups organize sailing trips and also negotiate group package deals with marinas, docking sites, hotels, and restaurants where their members can enjoy better deals than those they would get if they were to do it alone. The groups also enjoy reduced offers on boats and yachts as a marketing and promotion tactic from the owners. In return, they get to give feedback and positive reviews on their products.

3.  Live On the Boat

Choose a boat fitted with all the amenities that you might need throughout the trip. Only dock while refueling or refilling your stock. Living on the boat is possible by anchoring at night and taking a rest. You can then resume sailing during the day when the sea can be seen and appreciated. This reduces costs immensely as accommodation and meals are taken care of as you can carry ready to eat meals. You can also carry meals that can be easily prepared. This reduces the costs of buying meals and unwanted purchases that come with inland stops and unplanned inland trips. Additionally, you can fish and supplement the meals you plan on having and this would also help reduce the costs too.

4. DIY

Sometimes, doing things by yourself can greatly reduce costs. You can choose to navigate the route by yourself since hiring a flagship or captain for your trip can be too expensive. However, settle for this move only if you can sail. You must have undertaken the required training beforehand.

Sailing does not have to be a costly affair. You can sail on a budget by strictly following the budget set and looking for ways to even minimize it. However, you should set aside funds that should cater for any eventuality that may arise while on your trip. 

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