The 7 Most Remote Russian Rail Routes Worth Exploring

After spending every day and night amid the city’s hustle-bustle, even a small escape from the maddening crowds is always a welcomed thought. Are you planning such a vacation somewhere in Russia? Well, we must say you have an excellent choice. This region has picturesque remote destinations that will not let you regret your decision. And the best part is the train connectivity in the country. Russian train tickets are easy to book with just a few clicks online so that you should not worry about transportation during your vacation in Russia.

There are several high-speed trains, such as the Sapsan train, which will take you from Moscow to Saint Petersburg in significantly less time. The Trans-Siberian rail route is one of the world’s longest, covering Russia, Mongolia, and China. We have rounded up the seven most remote Russian rail routes that are worth exploring. Let us take a look.

Seven Remote Russian Rail Routes Worth Exploring 

1. Moscow-Vladivostok

This Russian rail route will take you to the far east, which has breathtaking places to visit. Ussuri Bay is one such location with scenic beauty and exhibits one of the environment’s peculiarities. Discarded bottles and glass pieces turned into colourful and shiny pebbles after going through years of erosion. It now gives an illusion of gems scattered on the coastline.

2. Moscow-Irkutsk

This trans-Siberian route leads to one of the most sublime lakes in Russia. Lake Baikal offers cliffs and forest hikes around its periphery, along with being the earth’s deepest freshwater reserve. The lake’s island, Olkhon, is yet another place to explore. It is known to be inhabited by the indigenous Buryat people.

3. Sakhalin Island

With a rail route of its own, Sakhalin Island is located in far-east Russia. With a rich history, it boasts of having nature reserves and marine sanctuaries on it. Skiing and hiking are the typical adventures you can enjoy there. You can also venture to Kuril Island nearby, which is equally scenic.

4. Moscow-Elista

This route takes to Elista, the Republic of Kalmykia’s capital, which is the only Buddhist region in Russia. Elista is exuding scenic beauty from every sphere with many Buddhist temples to explore. You can also pave your way to the Caspian sea from that region.

5. Moscow-Yessentuki

This Russian rail route will lead you to Yessentuki. A perfect place to make your way into the Caucasus Mountains. The town is famous for its mineral springs. You can also further venture into the Stavropol Krai region to explore numerous other places, such as the Mount Elbrus.

6. Vladivostok-Lake Baikal    

Lake Teletskoye is another place you should explore once in a lifetime. Legends believe the water of this lake has healing powers. Also known as the pearl of Siberia, this lake will offer you a chance to explore the wilderness nearby and experience various other adventures.

7. Moscow-Novosibirsk

The Novosibirsk route is majestic and will take you to the Mount Belukha in the Altai region. It is the highest peak in Siberia. It is a favourite destination for expert mountain climbers who look for a thrill in every step they take. Legends believe this mountain has some mystical quality about it.


Who would not love to take these remote Russian rail routes with such breathtaking destinations to explore! The courses themselves are picturesque to the extent that you would only want to keep travelling deeper into the wilderness. Every route has something different to offer and unique. From lakes to mountains to coastlines, every destination has its own story to tell. We hope our list will guide you through your most awaited trip to Russia.

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