Romeo & Juliet – A Theatrical Date For Valentine’s Day 2014

Till death do us part is a copout for legendary lovers Romeo & Juliet, who would sooner follow each other into oblivion than face separation by their viciously feuding families. Toy Factory Productions gives the famous grave sweethearts a new lease of life, with an audacious, updated new production brought to you by a super-sexy young lineup of cast and creatives…and The Bard’s lyrical text set to original, soaring song.


In aristocratic Verona, a fateful meeting at a ball sees tempestuous young Romeo and wide-eyed Juliet falling in love at first sight… but bliss abruptly transforms to despair upon the realisation that their families are locked in bloody feud. They find brief solace in an oath of eternal love and a secret wedding, until Juliet’s beloved, brash cousin Tybalt incites a duel with Romeo, leading to deaths on both sides, including Tybalt’s own. Romeo is exiled from Verona, and Juliet is forcibly engaged to the charming Count Paris. Will the star-crossed sweethearts find love at last, or will their world finally tear them apart?

Romeo & Juliet - AspirantSG

Gorgeous Cast:

True to the youth of Shakespeare’s hot-blooded lover-and-fighter characters, a gorgeous young cast ranging from their teens to thirties will ignite this tale of bloody battles and fiery young love and desire. Benjamin Kheng, singer/musician from international hit band the Sam Willows, takes the limelight as Romeo, alongside the willowy ingenue that is Theresa Wee-Yenko, playing Juliet in her professional theatre debut. Making up the rest of the stellar cast are Caleb Goh, Dwayne Tan, Josephine Tan, Edward Choy and Andrew Mowatt, with eagerly-watched up-and- comers Timothy Wan, Marc Valentine, Ethel Yap, Daphne Quah, Andy Pang and Australia’s Nelson Clemente rounding off a luscious list.

Creative Folks: 

The creative team is no less sexy: Sextuple-threat from Kuala Lumpur, actress/singer/dancer/director/writer/producer/all-round-visionary Nell Ng takes the directorial reins, assisted in fashioning an achingly atmospheric production by daring, award-winning/nominated designers: Namely, previously London-based Chris Chua on the stunning set; Adrian Tan, who has created shine and shadows for countless acclaimed dance/theatre pieces, designing the lights; and internationally celebrated Thai fashion house Tube Gallery creating couture costumes. And let’s not forget the soundscape: songwriting stalwart Elaine Chan will create a series of original melodies to show off Shakespeare‟s immortal text and heady emotional highs as we promise you’ve never seen before.

Make A Date This Valentine’s Day! 

Come join Toy Factory’s contemporary celebration of Shakespeare‟s delicious drama. Expect a gloriously gutsy production full of eye-popping design, merciless combat scenes and of course, beautiful romance, as Toy Factory brings Romeo & Juliet to vivid life for a new generation.

Date: 13 February – 23 February 2014

Show Dates:

Romeo & Juliet Showtime - AspirantSG

Duration: Approximately 120 mins (with intermission)

Performing Language: English

Venue: Drama Centre Theatre

Ticket Prices: $69, $59, $49 (Exclude $3 ticket charge)

Tickets available from SISTIC (6348 5555) | SISTIC Website | Enquiry Tel: 6222 1526

2 Pairs Of Tickets Up For Grabs!

We are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to Romeo & Juliet!

To win, share with us the most romantic thing you have done for your special half in the comments section below. We will pick 2 of the most romantic entries on 2359hrs on 26 January 2014.

Be creative & have fun!

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  1. He used to be a financial planner & worked very hard & over weekend to  get new clients & service existing clients. I dropped him a poem to hint that all I need from him, is a little time for me, and not all the luxury things in life. He was so touched & dropped his tears…

  2. sarah julia

    In 2014, I have embarked on a new journey with my special half, who is also someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with. Although we have not been together for long, I really cherish every single moment spent together. The most romantic thing I have done for him thus far is to shower him with tender loving care for 3 consecutive days when he was sick, till he recovered. I helped to sponge him constantly to bring his temperature down, brought him comfort food to help increase his appetite, fed him when he was too weak to get up from bed to even drink water, helped melt his medicine because he couldn’t swallow pills.

    I hope that I will be able to win the tickets so that my special half & I would be able to have a memorable Valentine’s celebration this year. 🙂

  3. My most romantic my special half gave me is a home. I have been moving in and out rented place average 1 to 2 times in a year. It is really tiring till I meet my other half. He give me a stable home. Now we have a lovely prince and princess!!

  4. LiYing Fion

    Things at my new job were all stable and I managed having a
    better work life balance. All these makes me start thinking, it’s probably the
    right time to find “the one”. Knowing that finding “the one” among current
    friends that I have will not be easy, I’ve decided to try social sites and
    apps. I did not just use one but lots, too much for me to remember. Over 3
    months, I went from site to site and app to app, chat and talked to hundreds of
    people and meeting a few, I just can not seem to find “the one”. At this point,
    I gave up using social sites and apps.

    One afternoon, I was reading a book called “The Single
    Woman”. It had all the positive thoughts on how great being single will be. A
    quote from the book was “So hope for love, pray for love, dream for love… but
    don’t put your life on hold waiting for love. Until it arrives, give yourself
    permission to thrive! Happy is still Happy, with or without the Ever After.”
    Unknowingly, this gave me lots of positive thoughts. I started spending more
    time with family and friends.

    2 months later.
    One fine busy day at work I received a text from an app,
    someone said hi. And without second thoughts, I replied hi too thinking “As
    usual, not the one”. It was only till hours later, I checked the message thread
    again and decided to continue chatting with my new unknown friend. Our
    conversation went on well for a few weeks and he decided that we should go on a

    We went out for dinner. We had a good conversation and
    through the conversation we got to know a lot more about each other. We shared
    a lot in common. He loves listening to music and I loved watching musicals was
    one of them. He even hinted that he would want to date me on Valentine’s Day. A
    thought that night after I reached home was, he might be “the one”. Already
    trying to figure out when our next date will be, I started to think of the
    conversation we had during dinner. He mentioned that he has yet to go to an
    attraction in Singapore which I am really familiar with. Knowing this, I have
    decided that it will be one of the places we will go and I am intending to give
    him a surprise. I guess, this will be the most romantic thing I am going to do.

    How this story continues, I am not too sure as I it is
    currently in the “ING” process. He may or may not be “the one”.
    I really want to have the love that Romeo and Juliet share! Someday… =)

    As for why am I writing to try and win this contest, it
    gives me another reason and probably more courage to asked him out again! ^^


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