Road-tripping Through Spain: Your Complete Guide

When exploring Spain one of the best ways to travel is by car. Taking a road trip through the country will give you a completely different perspective on the people and places you see. Services like make this not only a viable but affordable option as well. Once you have started your journey there are a couple sites that are “must see” attractions. We’ve compiled a list of the most amazing cities to visit on any car trip through Spain.


Being one of the oldest cities in Spain, Barcelona holds some of the most historically significant and beautiful sites in the whole country. With an unparalleled amount of churches and religious sites, the history and architecture of this city cannot be matched.

The first example of this is the Sagrada Família. This basilica has been a work in progress for the past 140 years but still stands as one of the most incredible architectural achievements of the area. When completed, the church will stand as the tallest church in the world as it is contains touches of every major architectural style to hit Spain.

The city does not only hold sights for historical and religious visitors. Being home to Camp Nou, a 99,000 seat stadium, and the famous FC Barcelona team, sports fans will not be let down with a visit to the city. With tours of the massive stadium as well as a full team museum, fans of the team will thoroughly enjoy the visit.


Pamplona holds a very different feeling than the larger city of Barcelona. Being known for its intense festivals such as the running of the bulls, Pamplona has separated itself as one of the most interesting cities to visit. Thriving on a youthful energy, the bars and restaurants produce some of the highest quality food as well as a unique cuisine found only in the North of Spain.

If you are more interested in learning the history of the area, have no reservations about visiting here. Filled with historic church-fortresses and museums, there are plenty of sites that can give you a history fix. Specifically, the Museo de Navarra combines an archaeological site with a small artist collection of prehistoric pieces. Here, you’ll learn history about the city before the Spanish people developed its identity.


Being the capital of Spain, Madrid is a city filled with culture and history. The centerpiece of the city is the Retiro Park, an enormous 346 acre royal property turned to a public park for all. With monuments from multiple centuries scattered throughout, as well as beautiful modern pavilions and modern structures, this park holds something for everyone.

If you are a lover of history or nature, this park meets both criteria. Home to the oldest tree in the city, a 386 year old Montezuma Cypress, the park uses all its resources to paint of picture of a different time while still embracing the nature that makes the surrounding area so beautiful.

So Much More to Explore

Although there are an uncountable number of amazing cities to visit in the beautiful country of Spain, and enormous number of attractions, museums, and modern hot spots to visit in each city, this guide just looks at our three major must-see areas. By taking a road trip through the country side and cities alike you get a chance to see everything in these major cities and in between, giving you the real Spanish experience.

We cannot do all these amazing cities justice; the only way to understand the beauty and culture is to experience it yourself.

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