Top Five Restaurant POS System

Managing a restaurant can be tasking – there are just so many things to do. You have to worry about the food, your customers’ welfare, and, most importantly, managing payments. The last part could be challenging, especially when you have many customers at a time. Collecting cash could always lead to confusion and in this digital age, it is best that business owners should embrace the benefits it brings. One of such benefits it affords restaurants is the restaurant POS system.

What is a Restaurant POS System

A POS system is where payment is made for services. Traditional POS systems included a cash register since cash was the predominant means of exchange then. It helped to organize the money coming in, but it was not enough, at least compared with modern-day systems. 

Restaurant POS systems are more than cash registers or place for payments, they are the very heart of the business. The systems are made to work with every part of the restaurant, from the point where orders are taken to the kitchen until the bill presented. In simple terms, they help organize and manage the restaurant better, helping you keep an eye on every activity going on around your restaurant and with your staff.

Some of the features of a restaurant POS system include

1. Usage

A restaurant POS system is very easy to use by anybody at all. It has an interface that guides users on what to do, allowing orders to be taken quickly.

2. Integration

It should be easy to integrate the POS system with other systems in the restaurant and also your online applications so that guests can make orders even before the get to the restaurant 

3. Stock Keeping

A restaurant POS system allows you to know what is available and what is not. This makes it easier for servers to know what they are serving, without having to excuse themselves to consult with the kitchen.

There are two types of restaurant POS systems

1. Mobile POS

Also called legacy POS, this type of POS have their data and software onsite, meaning they can be controlled and updated from the system itself. 

2. Cloud POS

This type of POS has everything stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, with an app or web browser. 

Here are some of the best restaurant POS in the market today.

1. Poster POS

This is an easy-to-use cloud-based system. It has an option that allows owners to fix different prices for their different restaurant locations, with great ease. It also keeps track of loyal customers, allowing you to create something to facilitate their return, each time. It has a feature that allows you to build menus with available items. 

It is a system that was made with one thing in mind – the customers, that is why it is easy for you to organize, import and export customers list, for any need. It has apps that can be accessed on iOS or Android devices and are used with a monthly payment. 

2. Shopkeep POS

Another great cloud-based system uses on the iPad. It allows owners to manage multiple registers while being able to go merge or split the balance as they fit. It also allows owners and managers to keep track of their staff, with the ability to calculate their pay for a particular week or any other period. The system comes with a feature that prompts users or store owner whenever items are running low. 

With Shopkeep, you can create gift cards and promo codes to make things easy for you and your customers. 

3. Upserve POS

With Upserve POS, you have a system that saves you time on all levels, with particular attention to your staff. Servers can send orders with ease and they would be attended to at once. They can also send orders to other staff, allowing them to have knowledge of what is going on around. This system also makes it easy to split bills, in the case when two or more people want to pay. It also allows managers to keep track of how many sales have been made and how many customers came into the establishment within a given time frame.

The Upserve POS provides useless analysis and reports, that can be very useful for management. It is cloud-based and can be used on both iPad and iOS devices.

4. BPA Professional Pro

This is another great POS with lots to offer. It allows managers to organize their payroll, knowing how much each employee has worked in a week. It also generates Gift Cards and Promo Codes, allowing owners to reward loyal customers with loyalty benefits. It is available in both mobile and cloud versions and it also comes with its own hard hardware which can very easy to integrate with. 

5. Revel

Revel system software offers you a complete package, with inventory solutions, customer management, and a good analysis set up. The system allows owners and managers to control who uses it, by creating unique IDs. It also keeps track of sales and orders, by any set time, including hourly. It informs owners when they need to stock up on products and what products are being used less. It submits such information with graphs, for a better understanding. It is easy to use, providing help and solution on social media. 

At the end of the day, only you can decide the particular one to opt for, as they all offer great features that would make your business more organized. 

Restaurant POS systems offer great benefits, saving you time, organizing your business, and keeping track of things you are too busy to do. You can visit for more reviews and comparisons of restaurant POS systems.

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