5 Tips For Renting A Bus For Your Wedding

Anyone who is planning their wedding knows that every detail counts, even the small ones. That’s why many couples who plan their wedding take months or even years to plan the perfect event. One aspect of a wedding that is often overlooked is the transportation. Here are some tips you can follow when renting a bus for your wedding.


1. Book as early as you can

You might think that booking your wedding transportation should not be a priority and can be done weeks before the wedding. While the venue, food etc may be higher in the priority list, but you should consider booking your party bus months in advance. This is especially important if your wedding will happen during peak season. So once you have chosen your date and venue, start looking around for the best party bus rental you can afford.

2. Try to visit and see the vehicle for transportation yourself

You might be tempted to just book your party bus through your wedding coordinator or perhaps through a website. It would be best if you actually visit the company and look at their vehicles so you can check for yourself if they are up to your standard. They should be safe and of course, clean. You don’t want you or your guests being dismayed on the day of your wedding when you see less than desirable transportation.

3. Bear in mind what your needs are

You need to determine who exactly needs transportation. Is it only for you or your family, how about the rest of the entourage? If you are having a destination wedding, will you need to transport all the guests from the hotel to the wedding venue? Are you looking for just plain transportation or do you want something a little extra so that you can arrive at the wedding in style? There are limos and even party buses that can serve champagne on the way to the venue.

4. Stick to a budget

While it’s important to make a good impression with all aspects of your wedding, you don’t need to spend so much money on transportation and not have enough for the other parts of the wedding. Bear in mind that most rental companies usually charge by the hour, but for others, there’s just a flat rate. Try to calculate how much you can afford for your wedding transportation without having to dip into your other budget allocations.

5. Compare different services and companies before deciding

One thing you can do is compare all the services and rates to determine the best value for money. You can check out this party bus rental website to do just that. It’s a marketplace that has access to rental companies all over the company, so you can check for the availability of rentals to any destination within the country. You get to compare not just photos, but the price for the rentals as well.

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