Reasons Why Playing Pickleball May Just Keep the Doctor Away 

Pickleball is an amazing game full of fun that any person with playing experience in other racket games can greatly enjoy. Unlike other games such as tennis, pickleball can be played with anybody even those who have never played a racket sport in their lives. And you can play and have a lot of fun inside your first session. Despite having begun as side interest in a family lawn, today pickleball is authoritatively a popular game. So I thought how about I list some benefits of pickleball. Take a look:

1. Healthy and Fit Body

Each one of use should make exercise an integral part of our lives regardless of our age bracket. Playing pickleball offers a fun way to go about your daily exercise. This is more beneficial to seniors who wish to remain active in their entire lives and who used to take part in strenuous sports like tennis but aren’t able to endure the same exhaustion and rigour anymore.

Playing with pickleball paddle on a regular basis will no doubt help you stay healthy and fit, prolong your life, and assist in strengthening your body against sickness and side effects of ageing.

2. It is easy to play

Pickleball is much easy to play compared to other racket sports such as badminton, tennis or squash. Just a small piece of practice will arouse extraordinary feelings in you.

3. It’s portable and mobile

Aside from playing at dedicated facilities, you may carry with your own net (or improvise a makeshift net using bicycles, lawn chairs, blocks of wood etc) to your own venue of choice. You can then chalk in lines and grab a paddle and your ball and you are good to go. If there are no pickleball courts near you, do not fret. Pickleball can be played on your local tennis court, dead-end street or your driveway. But if you are really gung-ho, construct your pickleball court in your backyard. There are plenty of options.

4. Family Bonding

Pickleball offers you an opportunity to play with your grandchildren or grandparents. It’s one of the rare sports that you can enjoy together without the other party risking physical conditions or having a hard time. Parents too can join. So, it’s a game that can be enjoyed by the entire family members. It offers a great time for members of the family to bond and has fun together.

5. Pickleball is relatively inexpensive to play. 

Today pickleball courts are popping up nearly everywhere-schools, churches, outdoor parks and also tennis facilities where tennis courts have been converted into pickleball courts. With the best pickleball paddle of 2017 market costing less $100 and the ever present courts, the cost is typically a non-issue. Most playing areas are either free or charge a small amount for “court time”.

6. Brain Exercise

If you do not use brain power in various ways, you are likely to suffer from memory loss or become more forgetful when you grow old. You may also lose alertness and can exhibit weakened comprehension, even at your present tender age.

Playing pickleball exercises your mind as well as your body. Just like in table tennis or tennis, you need to be alert all the time and plan your next move very fast. You must also learn how to strategize so as to beat your opponent on court.


All the above information is meant to inspire you if you are a seasoned player or to give you a great start if you’re a beginner. All in all, pickleball is a game for everyone. Whether you are young or old, a seasoned pro or a beginner, you are guaranteed fun while playing. Pickleball is among the fastest growing sports in the country. Experts also believe that it’s a great therapy for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It combines simple movement with heart and eye coordination thereby helping many people with Parkinson’s disease manage their condition and lead a normal life.

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I am Jim Stevens, an Author of ToysAdvisors. I have two kids, a naughty boy and a very cute baby girl. I always want to make them happy, and I love to share my experience about parenting, sport and fitness.

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