Reasons You should Consider Using PDF Software

If you are actively sharing files with other people, and if you want to keep information secure, you need to be using PDF software, such as Soda PDF. There are quite a few reasons that this can be beneficial.

Modern PDF Software is Considered Universal

When you are creating a document using a word processer, you can only send it and have it viewed by others who are using the exact same software that you have, with all the same fonts. If they are not using the same thing you are, then they may try to convert the document, but that typically makes a huge mess out of the formatting and layout. Even just a slightly different version of a program can cause a number of issues.

When you opt to have PDF documents created, there are no types of restrictions. You can easily create the document you need with your software and anyone who has a PDF reader will be able to open and view what is on the document.

Security is Offered with PDF Software

When you use one of the popular word processing applications, you can encrypt and also password-protect the documents that you created. However, that is where the security features end.

When you utilise PDF software, you can build the rights management directly into the file you are creating. You can easily lock a file down and then grant permission to specific people. With this feature, you can ensure that only certain people can make changes or print the document. It is also possible to encrypt the content of the document.

You can Search PDF Files

When you are trying to find something, having a search feature can be extremely beneficial. With PDF software, you can create documents that are completely searchable and you can easily know how many times a certain term of phrase is in a particular document. This provides you with the ability to find what you are looking for quickly and without much hassle.

PDFs are Accessible

If you find that you have to create a document for a government agency or for a company that is doing business with a government agency, then it may be necessary to ensure that your documents follow the accessibility issues that would fix any issues that may pop up.

The Files are Interactive

When you use PDF software, you will not only be able to create various documents that include images and hyperlinks, but also various types of multimedia files, including audio and video, too. Also, you will be able to create fillable forms that will collect responses from individuals electronically, unlike the forms that are created with traditional word processors that have to be filled out by hand and then scanned and sent in an email to you.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to utilise PDF files. So keep this in mind when it is time to utilise the software solutions mentioned here.

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