Qiito – Putting The ‘Social’ Into Efficient Trip Planning!

If you are a free & easy holidaymakers venturing to popular destinations in the region such as Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, you will be thrilled to explore Qiito, a brand new travel website! Being a Hokkien, I thought the name sounded really similar to ‘Going Where’ in dialect but it actually stands for Quick Interesting Interactive Travel Organizer. 

Starting your experience on Qiito is really simple with Facebook connect. Once you are logged in, the website infinity scroll concept offers hours of browsing browsing of your preferred travel destinations.


Other than browsing, you can also share your personal travel photos with the community and even start creating your own travelogues!

Besides the convenient login and travelogue creation, Qiito has developed 6 enticing propositions to woo you over from the numerous travel websites, blogs and forums that you may already be familiar with:

1. Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

When it comes to making decision on the where to go, nothing beats looking through the lens of fellow travellers who have been there and done that.

Qiito can be described as the travel version of Pinterest. It’s a convenient platform for fellow travellers to share their experiences via photos & their respective travelogues. Qiito’s infinite scroll concept allows you to browse contents excessively with minimal efforts and distractions.

2. Trip Planning The Way You Like It

Qiito’s Travelogue function caters to 2 basic types of free & easy trip planners: Time Strapped Individuals and Research Intensive Individuals.

Time strapped individuals lead a hectic lifestyle. They see their trip as a much needed getaway from their daily work and commitment. They can simply do a quick browse through Qiito’s numerous Hokkaido Travelogues and adopt their preferred itinerary just few hours before the flight.

Other the other hand, Research Intensive Individuals who love to pack their activities to the brim and tackle all ‘Must Visits’ before they head on their journey will find it really easy to adopt their preferred travelogue and fine-tune their itinerary from there.

For example, they can adopt ‘7D Best of Hokkaido’ travelogue and choose to remove existing places of interest or add new attractions. Fellow travellers can simply follow the main planner and be updated real time on itinerary changes.

3. Discover What’s Off The Beaten Path

Many of us have been to Bangkok countless times. If you are sick of heading back to the same few old options, Qiito will be a great place to check out what’s new and interesting in the city. For instance, with Luke’s travelogue on ‘Top 7 Places To Get Delicious Bangkok Street Food’, you know there’s something for you to brag about for your next trip!

4. Make More Sense Out Of Trip Photos

Qiito allows you to showing off your photos to the world with really convenient geographical tagging to places. Your travel photos now offered more meaning to the community with detailed descriptions and its exact location on Google map.

This feature makes it really easy for your friends to plan similar itinerary based on your travelogue which takes in distance considerations and also the best way to get there. So the next time anyone consult you on trip planning, just ask them to follow your Qiito profile and check out that particular travelogue!

5. Building A Community Of Social Travellers

Qiito created an online platform where travel contents and recommendations are contributed largely by users for users.

“We are building a social travel community. Think of it as those travel guides on the shelves with this difference: The content is not put together by companies, travel industries; they are travel journeys of your friends, travel bloggers, off-the-beaten path strangers who walk the talk.” – Chuang Pei-Han (Qiito Founder)

As you share photos, create and adopt travelogues, you will gradually build a community of like-minded individuals whom you can receive trusted recommendations on where to go and what to do for your next trip.

Who knows, you might even find your travelling buddy for your next trip on Qiito!

6. The Best Things In Life Are Free!

As promised by its founders, Qiito will always remain as a free-to-use website.

Their mission is to get users exposed to travel inspirations and see the world through other lens. They strongly believed that their users will become more confident and efficient travel planners through using Qiito.

Although Qiito is only in its Beta stage, the website is getting popular and traffic has grown significantly since May 2012.

Why wait? Click here to start your trip planning with Qiito today!

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