How Lenses Protect Your Eyes?

The world is really very beautiful but is it that so without eyes? Surely not. These are eyes only that makes it everything look so beautiful for us. So it really gets very important to take care of our eyes.

What do you exactly do to maintain the quality of your eyes?

Regular exercises, better nutrition and of course taking help of corrective lenses regularly are the few things that may let the things happening to you. We often have watched out people facing low vision problem at old age and the situation is quite obvious as we might have macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract, and various other issues.

But sometimes the low vision issues might be seen at a very young age and that is something extra serious. Technology has made our lives much easier but also has to bring up a level of setbacks as well. We might enjoy watching out movies on our laptop or mobile phones or struck out to the games on a Smartphone on longer hours, but all these things also impact our eye health in a negative way as well.

Moreover, UV rays coming out from the sun are another most common reason behind the poor eye health these days. So we need to take care of our eyes as well as such we do for our skin.

How lenses protect our eyes?

Enhanced exposure of eyes to bright light and reflection makes our outdoor vision much difficult so we need to make use of lenses in order to protect our eyes from such radiations. Coloured, corrective or simpler ones, it’s all up to you whatever you are going to choose. Moreover, the sensitivity of your eyes is another one of the most common aspects we need to take care of here.

If you wanted to understand in deep how lenses protect your eyes, you first need to understand the basic functioning of our eyes. Our eyes include a retina that is a layer of cells that probably reacts to light. Whenever we watch out anything a reaction is being performed and the signals are then sent to the brain which is further translated into the related activities you are viewing.

The light rays perfectly focus on the surface of the retina on the people with perfect vision but when it finds any interruptions in between, the image then formed also alter to a greater extent. It might shrink or blur somehow.

Eyeglass lenses are generally curved pieces of glass like mermaid tears that work for bending the light rays as they approach your eyes. These are the lenses only that help the rays in focusing on your retina rather than behind or in front of it. If we talk about the kind of lenses, there are basically two types that the people use most and that are convex and convex. Convex lenses are usually slightly curved towards the bottom and top of the lenses and are being used by the nearsighted people. Whereas the concave lenses are slightly curved in between are often being used by the farsighted individuals.


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