Tips On Using Instagram To Promote Your Business

Since the inception of Instagram, in the year 2010, this social networking platform has been on boosters, attaining almost instant popularity and critical acclaim. At current, Instagram has over 800 million registered users, and a large percentage of these are active daily. This bountiful supply of potential customers is a dream come true for any business, whether startup, firm, corporation or something else. Perhaps, you are trying to bring the presence of your business to social media, or maybe you are trying and failing to connect with customers. This article gives some tips on how to efficiently and effectively promote your business on Instagram.

Flow with the seasons

Pattern your Instagram pictures, videos and posts to be in line with the spirit of the times. Is it Christmas? Halloween? Black Friday? Hanukkah? Let your posts have that tinge of seasonal celebrations. You might be very surprised at how many Instagram users are into this kind of thing, and more users being into what you’re offering equals more customers.

Make it interactive

Find out what your customers think about your brand. Occasionally ask for their thoughts and opinions about your products. This way, you can keep them engaged on your page, and at the same time give them a sense of ownership and belonging with your brand. Who knows, you might get one or two hundred dedicated, sold out customers.

Creativity is key!

No one wants a constant rehash of boring and dreary topics. So, keep it spicy. Caption your posts in such a way that they are very eye-catching, compelling the Instagram user to read and watch on, awakening curiosity and effectively captivating his/her interest. Curiosity leads to interest, which leads to desire, which leads to sales.

Variety is the spice of life

Yes, we know this is the Instagram handle of a prestigious and well-respected firm. However, it might not be so effective if you constantly post about work, your products, your innovations, and other stuff. In other words, most Instagram users are not so thrilled by these professional posts, although they may tolerate it once in a while. So to keep your customers hooked, lighten up the mood on your Instagram page. Give short dance quotes. How about a joke or two? Funny memes? Movie commentaries? Screen rants? Mix this entertaining skits with the more stodgy, but necessary business posts.

Buy into popular culture

OK, I agree. This particular tip might be a little hard (and a little costly) to apply. But it’s a tip that has been applied successfully by big brands like Adidas and Nike. Just get a local (or international) celebrity to become the face of the brand. It would be much preferable if the person is a celebrity in the field your brand is interested in. This way, that celebrity’s fans will make the easy transition to becoming your customers with minimal hassle.


Instagram is a melting pot for diverse individuals and cultures. And if you play your cards well, it could become a boon, goldmine, and a veritable bastion of support to your brand.

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