Smart Tricks You Didn’t Know About Promo Codes

The idea of influencer marketing is not new (just consider celebrity endorsements), but big brands are just now discovering just how powerful it can be. The development of social media allowed brands to tap into new audiences without investing any time or effort into creating them. Here are some smart tricks you didn’t know about promo codes. 

So, there is no wonder why the mix between brands and influencers is so strong nowadays! There are so many types of campaigns you can create that it can be challenging to decide on just one. But any influencer knows that, if you don’t want to scare your audience away, you must maintain consistency in your communication.

As a result, you may be limited to only a few campaign types. But this can be a good thing, especially if you know how to use them to your advantage. Let’s take promo codes as an example; they’re easy to use and you can follow the earnings on each campaign without too much effort.

But did you know there are some tricks you can implement to make a promo code campaign more successful? Below we listed some of the most-used by influencers so make sure to check them out!

Increase Visibility

While promo codes do look dull, there are ways you can increase the visibility of your campaign by using the product(s) you are promoting in an original fashion. A good example that comes to mind is the Daniel Wellington campaign that had a resounding success due to influencers.

Now, since the brand approached a bunch of influencers, each had to find original ways to promote their promo code and attract interest. This led to a highly-creative campaign, where influencers used and photographed the watch in some of the most incredible settings. As a result, the company went from a startup to a 214% increase in profit in just two years. Also, the influencers that participated and knew how to advertise their promo code had access to a slice of the pie.

Use Segmentation

As an influencer, you know the people who follow your channel(s) the best. So, you should also know that a promo code for mattresses won’t be appealing to everyone. If you use more than one channel, focus the campaign towards the channel that’s most likely to drive sales and use the other channels for other promotions.

By using segmentation in combination with promo codes, you can run several campaigns at once and keep track of every source of income without any issues.

The Right Caption for Engagement

Let’s say you posted a great image or video and you’re excited to see your audience’s reaction, especially since you have an exciting promo code to offer. However, the post doesn’t get the engagement you’d hoped for…

This situation is quite common, especially for beginner influencers and it’s usually about the way you formulated the caption. This small piece of text that promotes your post is very important and it becomes crucial when you’re running a promotion campaign.

So, make sure your caption is crystal clear about the amazing opportunity you offer through the promo code and use words that motivate readers to follow the link and check out the campaign.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, the role of an influencer is to entertain their audience. Recommendations and branding are only a part of the mix, and as long as you do it moderately, you can run successful campaigns.

Promo Shoot of MIU (Em-Haley Kukutai Walker}

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