The Best Programs to Preserve Cultural Heritage and Traditions

Our society is multifaceted. Every individual is unique, but there is something that unites all of us. It is our history. Let’s do not forget a beautiful quote by Martin Luther King. Jr: ‘We are not makers of history. We are made by history’. We should understand the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and traditions. 

Long-standing beliefs and skills of our ancestors created the modern world we live in now. Safeguarding our traditions and cultural heritage means transferring meaning and knowledge from one generation to the another. And it needs special attention in the time of growing globalization that directly affects our cultural diversity.

Global society should encourage the preservation of traditions and cultural heritage through educational programs. It can help to promote social cohesion, sustainable tourism and strengthen cultural values. Let’s take a look at unique programs that help to preserve cultural heritage and traditions. Once you learn about it, you will see- it is not about yesterday. It is about tomorrow.

Sail-Training Program in Portugal

Sailing played a crucial role in the development of our civilization. Our ancestors had the possibility to explore new areas and trade. Our world would look so different if we couldn’t cross oceans.

Nowadays sailing is no longer a necessity. People do it mostly for recreation and there are a lot of opportunities if you want to go sailing in Europe. So, in order to keep this historical activity alive, young people from the five Atlantic Seaboard Region States (Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, and Spain) can participate in the sail-training program. The main aim of the project is to provide maritime enthusiasts with the opportunity to learn how to sail and experience traditional maritime leadership.

Participants of the program will be also responsible for doing scientific research of the marine environment and protecting the Atlantic area’s cultural heritage. Sail-Training program promotes awareness of cultural diversity and re-creates the past sailing experiences of our ancestors. All EU citizens of all ages can participate in this challenging program. Bon voyage everyone!

Carnaval Program in Brazil

Annual Brazilian Festival breaks all social boundaries. It is considered one of the biggest party in the world. Brazilians used to say that only samba can make everyone equal. Brazilian Carnival isn’t only about costumes and dances. It has also a rich history behind it.

The concept of the carnival was initially adopted by the Catholic Church in 590 A.C. as a celebration before Lent. The term ‘carnival’ literally means ‘raise’ meat. It is a big transition for many Catholics in Brazil.

When the celebration is over, they devote their time to meditate and pray. Everyone can volunteer in Carnaval program in Brazil. It is the chance to get involved in the preparation, immerse in the Brazilian culture and learn Portuguese. Volunteers will also learn traditional Afro-Brazilian dance – Samba, help to make decorations and costumes.

The dates of the annual Brazilian festival change every year. It is celebrated forty days before Easter. Carnival inspires and unites millions of people every year. Taking part in the parade can become an unforgettable experience.

Historic Preservation Program in Romania

Romania has a rich cultural heritage. The list of World Heritage Site (selected by UNESCO) includes eight sites located within Romania. Volunteers from all over the world can take care of churches and fortresses in four cities in Romania- Bordusani-Popina, Deva, Alba-Iulia, and Harsova. Everyone who is interested in history and archaeology can participate in the program. Volunteers will be in charge of excavating and reconstructing pottery pieces and all other items that will be found. Participating in the program is a great way to learn about civilization, travel all around Romania and gain needed skills for archaeology career.

Participants of the program can also expect taking part in fieldwork and to do practical research in laboratories. It is an excellent chance to help to preserve cultural heritage and learn. Hopefully ‘Pe curând’ (see you soon)!

Temple Preservation Program in Cambodia 

The ancient temple of Banteay Chhmar is beautiful and mysterious part of world history. It was built between the late 12th and early 13th century during the reign of Jayavarman VI.

The temple of Banteay Chhmar was looted several times in the 1990s. Now, this unique historical place needs renovation.

Participants of the Temple Preservation Program will be responsible for the temple’s ongoing renovation. They will be in charge of cleaning up the temple, planting trees and cutting grass around it, and removing stones. Everyone is welcome to preserve the local cultural heritage, so the next generations will also have the possibility to visit it. Volunteers will explore Cambodia’s sites and restore the culturally significant temple.

The experience of the past is a part of us. It made us who we are. Preservation of cultural heritage and traditions it is the way for everyone to learn, meet new people, and honour our ancestors. There are a lot of opportunities to protect world cultural heritage and continue traditions. Are you ready for an adventure?

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