Why You Need Pool Alarms For Safety At Your Home Pool

Today, many people recommend pool alarms for safety at home. Even some states require those without automatic covers for their pools to install these gadgets. Are they that important considering that homeowners could use common safety measures and be alright? The fact is that pool alarms do not eliminate other safety measures that homeowners should take. They only supplement. However, they could allow homeowners to have peace of mind when they know they would receive alerts in audible forms in case of danger. 

Since most pool accidents involve pets and children, it is a wise for homeowners to install pool alarms on their premises. Although they do not save lives, alarms could aid in preventing disasters from happening. Once set up properly, pool alarms enable homeowners to know when someone or something falls into the pool.

Pool Alarms Complement Other Protection Measures

Many pool owners think that fencing is enough to keep their families and pets safe. Children and small animals could find their way into pool areas when least expected. The next thing that happens could be an emergency. Homeowners should, therefore, add alarms as extra protection measures.

The fact that alarms boost security, however, does not mean that homeowners should not keep vigilance. Sometimes alarms fail. At other times, their batteries go out. It will be sad for someone to find out that they could have saved lives had they worked hand-in-hand with their pool alarms.

Pool Alarms Could Save Children’s Lives

It’s hard to keep children from playing around dangerous areas. Even with the major safety measures in place, children could still end up falling in swimming pools because of their curiosity. Installing a pool alarm is one sure way of simplifying the task of keeping eyes on children all the time.

Pool Alarms Could Save Neighbors’ Children’s Lives

Something beautiful like a pool attracts the attention and curiosity of children. Especially, those kids who do not have it in their homes could find a way around a fenced home. Neighbour’s kids could also toss their toys on a property with swimming pools and end up falling inside.

Unsuspecting neighbour’s children could end up drowning in unsupervised pools. For children who are 14 and under, reports show that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries. Installing pool alarms ensures timely alerts in case of emergencies.

Pool Alarms Could Save Pets and Other Domestic Animals

Pools do not pose a danger to children only. Pets and other domestic animals such as dogs also could accidentally fall into them. Losing one’s friend or animal is not only costly but also painful. That is the reason for homeowners to be extremely careful, and one way to do so is by installing pool alarms.

Choosing The Best Pool Alarms

For cases that would mean life or death, extreme care is a must. Homeowners should not just choose anything to protect their family members. It has to be proved. To know which pool alarm works and which does not, homeowners should seek customer reviews from the Internet.

A sure bet for the best security at home is Pool Patrol by Ronny Snow. It floats on the surface of water and senses when something which is the size of a pet or a child falls into the pool. This gadget’s set up is easy. It is also affordable and is long-lasting due to its rust-resistant property. Contact us to find out more about our pool patrol services to ensure your swimming pool is safe from drowning.

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