5 Tips To Buying A Pocket Flashlight For Your Next Travel

Darkness knows no boundaries. It thrives everywhere. Over time, there have been inventions that have been made to enhance lighting both in the night and during the day. Part of this invention is the pocket flashlight. We all travel at one point in life and carrying a pocket flashlight along is important. As such, you need to buy and own one. Here are 5 tips for buying a pocket flashlight for travel:

1. Portability

When travelling, your aim is to make handling of your stuff an easy task. With this said, a factor to consider when buying a pocket flashlight is its ease of portability. You basically want to go for a flashlight with a size that will easily fit into your pocket.

Portability also means that the pocket flashlight isn’t too heavy so much so that it becomes a burden to carry it around. You want to be able to move around with it in your pocket and have a sense of convenience rather than a feeling of extra baggage. 

2. Brightness Level

The brightness of a pocket flashlight matters. A flashlight with a brightness that is above 150 lumens will do you no good and is not worth buying. This is because 150 lumens is a high amount of light that exceeds what your eye’s capacity can handle.

With such a bright light from the pocket flashlight, you’ll find yourself squinting your eyes trying to see what is in front of you. A flashlight that produces light between 100 and 150 lumens is ideal for you to buy if you’re travelling to a campsite. One with 75 to 100 lumens is ideal if you’re going to a place that is fairly lit at night.

3. Light Control

A pocket flashlight is meant to emit light but it doesn’t end there. It should have a feature that allows you to control the light to the tone that you want it to be. The most common light control feature in flashlights is the on and off switch.

Some flashlights come with a button which you press, others have a switch which you flip while others have a twisted system. It would be great if you buy a flashlight with a mode control that gives you the provision to tune the light from a narrow spotlight to a floodlight. Dimming is also a feature to look out for.

4. The Batteries

The batteries used in pocket flashlights vary. The most common batteries that are used are the AA and AAA batteries. These batteries have great performance levels and are very reliable. There are the lithium batteries which produce enough power, giving the touch a much brighter kick. They also retain power for longer time periods.

There are CR2 batteries which produce ultra-bright light which is superb. If you are aiming to get super bright light, then the CR123 batteries are powerful enough to do just that.

5. Durability

It can be quite a pain buying a pocket flashlight only for it to break down and stop working a few days after you start using it. Go for a flashlight from a reputable brand that uses good quality materials to make it. Avoid the cheap counterfeit flashlights that will fail you when you need them most. Choose quality over price.


These 5 tips will help you buy the right pocket flashlight for travel. Here’s a detailed review of the best pocket flashlight you can buy.

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