Is Playster A Legitimate Service That’s Worth Your Money?

Playster is one of the newest subscription-based entertainment services on the market. It offers a plethora of media ranging from music to games, movies, ebooks and audiobooks. The platform is highly optimised and is looking to overthrow competitors such as Netflix with its wide array of interesting content and features.

The service boasts millions of titles, which span a lot of genres, from classic to romance, and the app conveniently combines media types such as music, books and movies into a single platform, which is really great. Better yet: If one wishes to subscribe for a whole year of service, they will receive a free tablet and headphones, which were specifically designed to run the app to its fullest potential.

Not only does the app allow subscribers unlimited access to all content for just $24.95 per month, but if you wish to only have access to a specific media type, you can do that too starting at just $3.95 per month. There is also an all-inclusive 30-day free trial for newcomers.

The app has made it extremely easy for users to access any possible title, ranging from science to educational to fiction, romance, classics, comedy and more. This broad array of titles is smartly grouped into different genres and moods to make everything easily accessible.

If you consider yourself to be a heavy consumer of music or a big reader, Playster has you covered. No other music streaming website or platform is needed, given that you can stream as many artists as you like, both online and offline, with Playster. The same goes for ebooks and audiobooks — you can access as many as you like without any restrictions every month.

The app also has an interesting feature that suggests a wide array of entertainment based on your current mood. You’ll just need to click on a button to select your mood and Playster will take care of the rest, presenting you with a number of different titles to suit that mood.

Playster includes content for all ages, so there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. What’s more, the service allows up to three logins from different devices and there’s even a family plan, which lets you save money when registering for more than one account.

When it comes to paid subscription services, no other competitor comes close to Playster and its developers are working around the clock to make sure that subscribers get the best service possible.

With Playster, you will never run out of content to stream and, given the low price you pay in return, we definitely suggest checking it out. Having the option to store content on your device and access it even when there’s no Internet connection is an amazing feature, which also makes the app perfect for travel and on-the-go streaming.

With so many perks, there’s no reason not to give the 30-day trial a go!

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