The Pinnacle Of Success That Plastic Surgery Has Attained In Singapore

Singapore is definitely one of the happening destinations. Being highly advanced and growth-oriented, it offers the best facilities in terms of medical amenities and treatments also, which has paved its path for medical tourism as well. And, with the trend of cosmetic procedures on the rise, the country has definitely set some great examples.

Plastic surgery is one of the modern ways of enhancing your looks or getting rid of unwanted scars and the Singapore Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery is one place that you can trust when you are looking for high-quality plastic surgery solutions without any compromise on the safety of clients including their privacy and all this comes at a feasible and reasonable price. It is also known as the Zubin Medora Clinic as Dr. Zubin Medora is the backbone of this centre- a renowned plastic surgeon, who has added many success stories to its name with his dedication and commitment to work.

At his Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery, team effort is given the utmost importance. It is a multi-disciplinary establishment that aims to deliver the expected and desired results with precision. Best in class care and treatment of patients is another vital aspect that this establishment focuses on strongly. The center, being registered with the Ministry of Health, Singapore, features doctors who are registered with the Singapore Medical Council and who hold solid expertise in the field.

Doctor Zubin Medora is the leading pillar of this center who specializes in bespoke plastic surgery solutions including non-invasive aesthetics treatments and procedures along with cosmeceutical products that help to enhance one’s beauty. The Zubin Medora clinic is popular for the following services and has earned the trust of its patients with its quality care and high-end medical solutions:

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Primary care and General medicine
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Vascular and General surgery
  • Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic surgery
  • Ear, nose and throat surgery

Dr. Zubin Medora Singapore has done his Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery from the UK. Currently, he is considered as the most trusted and highly experienced doctor for cosmetic surgery and he has apparently more than 13 years of expertise. From 1998 onwards, he has practised medicine and since 2003, he’s been performing aesthetic procedures.

There’s simply no reason to doubt his calibre as he’s one plastic surgeon who boasts of a highly celebrated clientele throughout the world. What’s more, not just plastic surgery, Zubin Medora is also known for his social activities.

You might as well think, what makes him special and reliable as compared to other doctors in this field. Well, Dr. Zubin Medora not only has extensive experience in his field, but he has also undergone a number of training programs that have made him capable of handling a wide variety of cases and produce the desired outcomes. He has also been associated with leading institutions like the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery (UK), thereby adding to his expertise and proficiency.

Why should you go to the Zubin Medora Camden Center?

Dr. Zubin Medora’s specialties include non-invasive surgical operations along with hair transplant and laser treatment done especially for reducing stretch marks. The minimally invasive procedures include facelift and eye lift including other surgical treatments.

Attending regular workshops, meetings, and seminars is one of the best ways for him to keep himself updated about the latest trends in the industry. And, this is what makes him a trusted name in the industry.

He is the definition of all that a great surgeon should be and this is exactly what differentiates him from any other good surgeon. Not only has he performed difficult surgeries with perfection, but he also displays a high level of precision and finesse in the execution of his surgeries.

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