What To Do When You Want To Take Your Pet Abroad

Travelling across the world is a big adventure, and many dog owners dream of sharing these experiences with their beloved companions. If this is something on your bucket list, then it will be worthwhile to know the ins and outs of taking your pet abroad. When thinking about where you will be going, keep in mind that different countries have their own rules and regulations for your furry friends’ entry. While flying is one of the more complicated parts of the process, you can make things a bit easier by researching some of UK’s best dog-friendly cottages beforehand. Here’s a set of travel guidelines for you to consider.

Before Your Flight

Airline regulations for pet travel can be slightly confusing, so it’s always best to start these tasks way in advance with lots of research to look forward to. For one, check the airline’s specific rules regarding pet travel, as they can vary. Make sure pets are allowed and make sure that your dog meets their criteria. Some airlines even let your pup ride in the cabin with you!

All animals that travel out of the country must be vaccinated, i.e. rabies, etc. These vaccinations must be done 10 days prior to your flight. Along with this, a vet checkup is also required, as well as getting your dog microchipped. It’s easiest to knock all of these out in one visit.

As you gather all of the necessary paperwork together, the most important part is to have a copy of your dog’s papers for verification during arrival. The last thing you will want to do is have to turn around and head home to get them!

Setting Up A Reservation

When reserving your window seat on the plane, you also must reserve a cargo space for your dog as well. These rates vary per airline and adjust by the weight of your dog and its carrier, too.

Most airlines do not allow cargo travel for pets during the heat of the summer, as this can be a dangerous place to be in an un-air-conditioned storage unit. If your dog is small enough, cabin seating is an option as long as you have a verified carrier that can fit under your seat.

Things to Think About When Booking

Your flight of choice should be based on a few considerations if you want to make this as stress-free as possible. Be mindful of where you will be flying and avoid connecting flights as much as possible. In this case, the straight and narrow path is best, as your pet won’t be tossed around between planes or left to sit somewhere and be possibly forgotten.

Also, try to think about when you will be arriving. If you’re heading somewhere a little hot, try to arrive in the early morning or after dark so that the heat isn’t too harsh upon arrival.

Final Arrangements

If you remember your first flight, you’ll know that it wasn’t the most comforting feeling being stuck in a small cramped space thousands of feet in the air for several hours. Try to get your dog acquainted with their small crate long before this happens. Let them try it out a bit, lay around in it, just so they know it’s their spot. This will help reduce his or her anxiety and make everything easier for everyone.

It should be obvious, but make sure you take them on a nice walk right before the flight! Let them release a bunch of energy, do their business, and get their last bit of fresh air before the long haul.

When setting up camp, place a few special belongings in the crate such as a favourite blanket, toy, or even one of your shirts that they can have for comfort and care.

And last but not least, when the flight’s over, make sure you have a container for them to drink out of. You may have gotten service from the flight attendant, but they didn’t!

Flying abroad with your beloved pet doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan ahead. So travel safe and have fun!

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