What You Can Do To Find The Perfect Internship Abroad

Internship abroad is a relatively new way of gaining relevant skills and work experience in a chosen field. This practice is popular in many countries. For interns, such activity can help in obtaining a position or launching a project. Getting the perfect internship abroad is a great momentum for career development and gaining insights about a chosen profession. There can be internships for a fee as well as free ones. Volunteers, proactive and talented students can be awarded scholarships or student grants. In some cases, interns may even be paid a stipend on a regular basis. There are 3 types of internships:

  • entirely free, without fees from students and without a stipend from a hosting company;
  • with advance payments and other fees paid by students for the internship;
  • with salary awards for an intern for an employee.

Internships in USA, Canada, Germany, France and UK are highly valued by employers. Nowadays millions of interns are seeking for a job in those countries since they have the largest economies and great opportunities for young and motivated people. 

Purposes of the perfect internship abroad

There are different purposes for which students and graduates are going abroad, consequently, the results can vary as well. International internships focus on:

  • obtaining work experience, including through volunteer trips to Southern Asia, Middle East, Africa and other problem areas;
  • further training for specialists who have already participated in an internship program;
  • receiving education after a work period in a particular field;
  • getting opportunity to continue working for a company after the internship, or for another large organization;
  • professional retraining;
  • earning money and visiting different countries.

How to find an internship

Internships in other countries can be classified by method of searching for it:

  • independent – student plans and arranges a trip in person – finds an employer, pays for the services, accommodation, etc;
  • through an intermediary – student uses the services of agency organizing internships abroad;
  • internship assignment within cooperation between educational institutions and other organizations.

Organization of internship has been and still is an extremely lucrative business, so agencies are in high demand now. Thousands of different programs are being offered today, so everyone can select the one that fully meets the goals.

For now, getting an internship within cooperation program is the best option for students as it doesn’t involve any payments and guarantees employment after a successful completion of the internship.

Searching for the internship in person, you still can find an interesting and useful program. However, you will be responsible for all money matters as there are no guarantees that the whole internship will be cost-effective. At the same time, there are free of charge internship programs that you can find without the assistance of agencies.

Before starting to search for a suitable internship, you should make a list of companies to apply for an internship and find as much as possible information regarding requirements for employees. The more you know about the company you want to join, the faster you will fit in its working environment. Knowing exactly what you want has always been a big opportunity and motivation on the way to any goal, it’s extremely important to remember since interns usually do a hard and ungrateful job.

If you haven’t clear preferences as to the place of internship, you can just regularly check the available offers on some websites:

  • international-internships.com
  • globalexperiences.com
  • internships.com.

Required documents for international internship

The process of getting internship involves gathering of the required documentation that includes:

  • foreign passport;
  • visa;
  • health insurance;
  • diploma or its copy translated into the language of the host country;
  • internship arrangement

Usually, the initial step in getting an internship is sending a CV and cover letter. We advise creating such documents thoroughly as they make the first impression about an applicant. Before making CV and cover letter you should read instructions and examine different examples. The main point is not to be too generic: highlight the skills and experience that would be of interest to your employer. Also, note that there are plenty of companies that provide cover letter writing service – professional writers know how to craft application showing the best traits and skills, so the HR-manager will remember you for sure.

Popular destinations for internships

The list of most in-demand specializations can differ depending on the country. Italy and Spain, for instance, are the best internship destinations for specialists in the hospitality and catering sectors. Tourism is highly developed in those countries, that’s why there is a strong demand for interns in hospitality.

Specialists in IT, robotics, entertainment, education and engineering will be most welcomed in China, in such fields as hospitality and catering are growing fast there as well. Japan is known for its technological development, so prospective professionals in programming, robotics, hi-tech are required there.

Art and mass media specialists may consider France as a country for the internship. Journalists, artists, architects, marketers, writers, television staff also will find there the best places to fulfil their true potential. Germany is similar to France in terms of professional demands, but since German medicine is one of the best, talented medical interns are always welcomed there.

Anyway, all these estimates are pretty conditional since annually in all countries of Western Europe is launched a large number of socially significant projects in film production, music, literature, journalism, environment conservation and other types of activities and arts.

For the most part, an internship in India means volunteerism, however, there are paid internships for teachers, lawyers, engineers and medics. Also, India is a perfect place for historians, archaeologists, orientalists and other specialists whose mission is to uncover secrets of such an ancient part of the world.


Internship abroad is an amazing opportunity for motivated professionals. It combines obtaining working experience with cultural exchange. Specialists that completed international internship will be always in huge demand among employers, so don’t lose such an invaluable experience.


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