A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Co-working Space In Singapore

Singapore is not only rapidly becoming a financial contender on the global stage, but it is also increasingly becoming attractive to business interests around the world. For larger companies, tapping into Singapore’s fertile economy is no problem. However, for smaller businesses making the leap into the Asia market might be a costlier risk.  We are here to help with a guide to choosing the perfect co-working space in Singapore. 

Sitting in Southeast Asia, the country has always been attractive to tourists and others who love its diverse multi-ethnic, multi-lingual culture. However, those with plans for business can be encumbered with the numerous tasks needed to operate in the country, namely finding a workspace. Fortunately for prospective business interest, coworking space Singapore presents SMEs and start-ups the chance to jump on lucrative opportunities in the country. With your budget no longer being a limitation to your venture, you only need to choose an appropriate space.

Let’s take look at some considerations you need to make when choosing a coworking space to ensure you make the right call for your business.

Culture And Community

In a culture that relies heavily on family relationships and friendships to make business connections, coworking spaces that cater to promoting a sense of community can really help you navigate the sometimes difficult business terrain. In Singapore, a good coworking space focuses on developing a community culture that supports innovation and collaboration.

Some of the activities that professionals might find themselves involved in are both formal and informal networking events. Because the coworking environment places you in proximity to other professionals from across industries, the natural inclination is to socialise. From these contact points, friendships are made, which form the basis of much collaboration among professionals. Also, these opportunities to engage with others can help you give and receive referrals, can help you find mentors and can help you develop a well of resources within the community.

Industry-Specific Services

A current trend in providing co-working spaces to professionals involves creating niche enclaves that help professionals from specific industries. In the typical coworking model, your business might operate in the same building with professionals from a number of industries. However, Singapore professionals are latching onto communities that focus on one niche, whether it is industry-specific or niche-specific.

An example of a niche-specific coworking space would be one that focuses on start-ups. Alternatively, the tech and green industries have numerous coworking spaces around the world that cater to the needs of businesses in those sectors. Singapore’s coworking population, in this incarnation, seems to find working these types of communities more effective.

Back To The Basics

With the popularity of coworking on the rise, any leasing company can set out their shingle advertising space. Good coworking spaces, however, offer renters a clean space to network and work. Additionally, these spaces are often retrofitted with world-class technologies that you would find in your standard office. In addition, many spaces come with support staff that can field calls when you are away from the office.

The perks that can come with some of these office spaces can run the gamut from coffee shops to full-service cafés. Many of the better spaces place a great emphasis on providing social events, i.e. barbecues, movie nights, and happy hour etc. More importantly, renters really get a sense they belong to a community that supports, and in some cases, provides a cocoon for their venture.

A Picture Perfect Coworking Space

The remote-working revolution has given professionals the flexibility to transact business from any place in the world. The coworking space can take your business venture up a notch just by offering you a platform for you to connect with other people. More significantly, this versatile office space solution can help you tackle the many tasks required to run a business successfully.   

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