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First of all, thank you AspirantSG for giving me the opportunity to share about this meaningful event that I hold very dear to my heart. Paw It Forward is a yearly event that I have created to give back to the animal community. I believe in doing what I love (snapping photos of animals) and doing good by helping animals in need. What better way to do this than with my new clients at my brand new photo studio! I get to create memorable portraits of their fur kids and also help other animals out there who have not found a forever loving home yet.

Paw It Forward Raised A Total of S$1,200! 

10 pet lovers / parents sign up for the special $100 Paw It Forward Mini Photo Session held on 29th – 30th June and 6th – 7th July 2013 in my studio. All proceeds from the photo session will be donated equally between Save Our Street Dogs(SOSD) and Orphan Cats.

I’m thrilled to announce that after more than 50 hrs of preparation + hard work + shoot + post-processing, Paw It Forward has surpassed my initial goal and raised a total of $1200!

A BIG THANK YOU to my first 10 clients who participated in “Paw It Forward” event. It has made my first 10 shoots in my new studio very meaningful. Thank you to the beautiful and lovely dogs, cats & rabbits that grace my studio. Thank you for being on my new photography journey and making a positive difference together.

Last but not least, I will like to thank my fans and friends for donating the additional $200 without a photo session!

Enough said, let’s enjoy the lovely photographs:

Session #1 – Juno looks like he’s flying like Superman! Yes, he is our 1st super hero for “Paw It Forward”!

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 1 With Juno

Session #2 – It’s Chow Chow the “Lion King”, our 2nd super hero for “Paw It Forward”! He’s such a sweet darling during the shoot (though afraid of the thunder) ^_^.

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 2 With Chow Chow

Session #3 – Hermes, our 3rd super hero for “Paw It Forward”! Hermes was in the photo shoot with Hades but we had to photograph them separately at the beginning for fear that they may fight (that has happened before according to the owners). However, we managed to overcome the challenges and got Hermes and Hades in a group shot! Saving the best for the last!

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 3 With Hermes

Session #4 – Schuyler, our 4th super hero for “Paw It Forward” is no stranger to helping others in need. Schuyler and his mommy, Melanie both volunteers with Therapy Dogs Singapore and Schuyler is always putting his best paw forward to brighten up someone’s day! He certainly brighten up my day at his photoshoot for Paw It Forward! I just love his expressive concerned look with the head tilt!

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 4 With Schuyler

Session #5 – Yoby, our 5th and youngest super hero for “Paw It Forward”! Awwww… has your heart melted yet? 2-month-old Yoby has put his tiny paw forward for this good cause and his mommy is so proud of him! We had such an amazing time at the shoot for both him and his mommy with our upgraded studio session. Hope to see sweet little Yoby again when he’s all grown up! I’m sure he’ll still be as sweet and little as ever!

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 5 With Yoby

Session #6 – All hail Princess Patches, our 6th super heroine for “Paw It Forward”! Patches is the epitome of class and elegance during the photoshoot and I think this photo says it all!

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 6 With Patches

Session #8 – Kang Kang, a Cavalier King Charles Toy Spaniel, is our 8th royal superhero for “Paw It Forward”! It’s an honor to photograph her royal highness. Lovable and humble, she’s a joy to photograph. Due to her health issues when she was younger, her mommy named her “Kang Kang” which means “Good Health” in Mandarin. Kang Kang definitely lives up to her name now as a healthy & happy dog!

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 8 With Kang Kang

Session #7 – Handsome Hermes, our 7th super hero for “Paw It Forward” looks like he has just knocked off from work. Anyone thinks he resembles the iconic shot of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue in this photo?

Session #9 – Coco, our 9th superhero for “Paw It Forward” is a really active and joyful girl! She’s super excited throughout the photoshoot and it’s definately a great challenge to calm her down. But I have to say, her bounds of energy is infectious and it made all of us work hard together to made this photoshoot a great success! Love you Coco, thank you for your enthusiasm in life! They must be fed with really good quality dog food to look so gorgeous!

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 7 & 9 With Hermes & Coco

Session #10 – Whitea, our 10th superhero for “Paw It Forward” is such a beautiful handsome boy. I can’t help but keep staring into his eyes during photoshoot and post-processing. Even as I’m typing this, I kept toggling back to Photoshop to see his mesmerizing blue eyes. I can’t take my eyes off Whitea!!! Are you just as smitten with admiration for Whitea as i am?

AspirantSG - Paw It Forward Session 10 With Whitea

And also the fun behind the scene videos!

I look forward to “Pawing it Forward” every year!

About the Guest Blogger

C.S. Ling is a wildlife / pet & family photographer based in Singapore. Her compelling images of vanishing landscape & endangered wildlife coupled with her dedication to educate the younger generation has earned her much recognition. At age 27, she won the “Great Women of Our Time 2011 Award (Arts & Media)”organized by Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine and “Green Role Model” at the Green Carpet Awards 2011 organized by National Geographic Explorer & Nikon Singapore. Her works are published worldwide notably in National Geographic Explorer magazine and SilkWinds magazine.

C.S. Ling is an experienced photography instructor/lecturer/speaker and has taught and inspired students & photo enthusiasts of all ages, from age 6 to 60! In 2012, she emerged as the Grand Prize Winner of the Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards 2012 with her winning work exhibited at the prestigious Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, USA. She is also endorsed as Nikon Singapore Professional Photographer, SanDisk Extreme Team Member, Gitzo Ambassador (Singapore) and X-Rite’s Coloratti.

In 2013, she started C.S.Ling Pets & Family Photography studio and begins her journey into photographing domestic animals and helping local pet shelters.

C.S.Ling Pets Photography & Family Portraits in Singapore

Address: 130 Jalan Gembira, Singapore 369198

Tel: 9785-1601




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