Passive Income Reviews On Business Marketing Through Affiliate Sites

Affiliate marketing is trending very much in the E-commerce business model these days as it is a great source of having passive income online whereas an affiliate. You can promote the products and services of any third party retailer in your website by attracting the customer web traffic, and once the customer purchases the product, you earn commission for the sales from the respective retailer.

It is a kind of business that is very easy to set-up provided you have an attractive website hosted for product promotion and good internet connection. That’s it, and you are set to earn profits through your marketing skills.

What is an Affiliate Website?

An Affiliate website can be referred to as money making e-commerce model completely packed with attractive banners, pay per click advertisements, links, and blogs everything necessary to promote products and uses the same methodology of Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate website is very beneficial for e-commerce business because all online merchants keep on looking for services that can generate more referrals and leads required for sales. You can go through – Making passive income online to understand how you can generate sales leads for online sales which are quite a witty and hard one.

However, through affiliate websites these merchants get things done easily by numerous referrals that not only earn them profits but also allows the affiliates to make a lot of money. Making passive income online has gained immense popularity in E-commerce business marketing through the affiliate websites. Some of the top rated affiliate websites are Groupon, BGR Store,, Smart Passive Income, Amazon, Click Bank and many more.

What are the key elements of an Affiliate Website?

  1. a) Quality content that can drive sales.
  2. b) Optimised SEO techniques to feature your website in the top search results.
  3. c) Web traffic targeted keywords and phrases.
  4. d) Link your affiliate website properly to the online e-commerce site you are providing service for.

How to create Affiliate websites?

  1. i) In order to develop a good affiliate website you need to give it an honest good reputation and prevent from scamming, a good advertisement of your products with customer valuable content, direct selling of products through your website, referral links, Google Adsense promotions for passive online income.
  2. ii) Choose a niche as per your comfortability and add products accordingly along with customer-centric contents explaining the products and applied SEO techniques.

iii) Add financial value to your site having tie-ups with online merchants and Google Ad-sense to create an affiliate program as well as direct selling of products from your website.

How to earn money through Affiliate Websites?

There are various marketing techniques to earn through affiliate marketing. They are:-

  1. a) Using the Pay per Click Model

This is a very fruitful method of earning money with making sales. You need pay per click adds and banners having direct links to the merchant’s website and as soon visits click on it, the merchant gets to know through your referral by Affiliate ID, and you get the commission.

  1. b) Using Pay per Sales Model

This is the original sales process followed in Affiliate Program, The merchant here shares you the affiliate code of the products with attractive images, banners, contents so that you can make the best use of it in your website to drive the customers. Once the customers click on the link and purchase the products from the merchant’s site, you earn a commission for the sales.

  1. c) Using Pay per Lead Model

This is for the lead generation where to earn through customers contact details on the merchant’s website.

  1. d) Through Subscription

If you are having the produces featured on your website itself, then you can have the subscription model for that. Once the user subscribes for that, even if there are no sales you keep earning online till the subscription pack continues.


Affiliate marketing websites are in high demand these days due to the above-mentioned procedures for online passive income.

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